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May 20 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the 10th anniversary of Buffy's finale. "I'm incredibly proud of that show -- proud of everybody on it, of what we did... You can't be prouder of that show. It still holds up in reruns and I'm blessed every day ... I've been pretty lucky." There's some quotes from Danny Strong as well.

I hope Joss gets the respect he deserves since Buffy -but never got- now that he is back on TV.
Oh, he will, especially once Much Ado rolls out in theaters. After all, who else can direct super heroes and a romantic the same his house?
the disrespect he got with firefly and dollhouse amazes me, both VERY original. Joss has a cult following that would follow him off a cliff like lemmings if it meant seeing something new from him, and if networks looked at things like ten years later ppl swarm for Buffy/Angel/etc featuring events, Both the "failures" were on fox, So, IMO it is fox that lacked vision, not Joss. Now with Avengers he is getting his long deserved props, Cabin in the woods was awesome IMO. I like Joss, because, he is creative, he never ceases to surprise me, which, believe me is very very difficult to do. I miss BUffy like i miss my best friend from highschool. Thou SHield nor avengers is in my genre, Joss turned me on to it. What i love, is, is not puffed up, IMO, he is one of us, he is like me. I'm a writer, it just hasn't gone anywhere, he has. I aim for just a tiny taste of what he's done.
Since there's occasionally a bit of doubt as to how SMG feels about BtVS, I'm always glad to see comments like this from her. She has every reason to be proud!
In some ways I think it's good that she rarely talks about it -- makes bits like this much more poignant and warm.
So glad to read this. You hear a lot of negativity that seems to follow Sarah around in regards to Buffy. I can't believe it's been ten years!
Right. I always figured she was just trying to avoid both being too typecast and from being drawn into the argumentative stuff that is endemic to soem extent in any fnatays/s-f/horror fandom. And she seems to be less patient than some actors with fans who suffer from They-always-confuse-me-with-the-character-I-play-itis. Which I can't fault her for.

(I tend to a mild case of it, so I know, although when I'm writing fic I often suffer from the opposite and make Tara or Faith say something that's more like Amber or Eliza.)
10 years... I was 10 years old watching the finale and I still love the show. So glad to hear Sarah's thoughts, I'm going to have to rewatch chosen tonight
And it's always nice to see the Slayage crowd and Whedon-based academia get some love. "I wrote my thesis on you!" Thanks, Danny Strong.
Been rewatching the series again on Netflix (I have the dvds too) and am about halfway through season 3 and it is just as great as it was the first time I watched it (without being shocked at some things because I know what is coming). I'm still fascinated and in love with all these characters. It is always like slipping into a warm robe, a comfy bed or seeing a dear old friend and picking right up where you left off! You'll watch an episode an say to yourself, this has to be the greatest episode ever, but then, you find yourself thinking that over and over as you keep watching the show!

I've lost count how many times I rewatched BTVS but am always amazed at how much I still enjoy it and how it never feels dated or old.
bl, you are SO right! I love your analogies, there! While I do feel like it does date itself just a bit (I'm looking at you, Season 1), it doesn't have any bearing whatsoever on my enjoyment level. Buffy is Buffy. Highest compliment I could give it.
Thanks Willowy, I do have to agree that season 1 does feel a bit dated but the rest is pure gold!!

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