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May 20 2013

10 things we love about Buffy. The Huffington Post looks back on "Buffy" with a slideshow of 10 things they love about the show.EW adds their own list as well.

Many of the Huffington Post items are video clips.

Agree with it all. Ten years later and while it has aged a bit, still nothing has topped it. #BuffyLives
Guys, I need some help. I remember a video - probably from the DVDs - where Joss chooses his 10 favorite episodes of Buffy. Is there a youtube version? Thanks. :)
I'm glad someone pointed out "Normal Again." That was the one surprise on that list. I like how that episode brought into question if Buffy really even existed at all and never actually gave viewers a reason to believe that she did.
And I am equally glad they listed Willow and Tara as well.
Ricardo Leal that video is one of the features from the Bonus DVD from the Chosen Collection, I don't think it is available online, "officially", that is.
Besides, he ends the list by saying that the list keeps changing, so...

Also it's actually a top-twelve, since he couldn't stop, and it's a list of episodes that he personally didn't write/direct, since he wanted to talk about the work that other people did.
I'm also glad they included Normal Again. It's one of my top episodes and I feel like it doesn't get the love it deserves.
*cries a little*
...actually more than a little...(Sid the Wiley Dairy Gnome is crying, too).
We're going to go watch the season finale now...
@Numfar PTB, thanks!

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