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May 20 2013

Tim Minear returns to Redemptioncast for Angel's "Reunion". The Introcast devoted to watching Buffy and Angel for the first time brings back Angel writer, Tim Minear to discuss season 2, episode 10, "Reunion".

"And yet somehow, I just can't seem to care."

Except I do. One of my very favorite Angel episodes.
Ok these guys rock and are giving me all the episode commentaries I always anted but never got! Can't wait to listen.
Another one? Awesome!

In case anyone missed the previous stuff with Tim, here's a link to the last Sofadogs appearance which contains a link to a list of all his other commentaries as well:
Loved hearing Tim on sofadogs. Such a shame potenialredemptioncast turned into little in-joke self-congratulatory filled shows. They are grouped alongside the excellent Investigating Mars podcast for Veronica Mars though (which actually talks about and discusses the show instead), so its not all bad.
I don't mind at all if Potential/Redemptioncast makes with the inside jokes from time to time, and any "self-congratulatory" moments I feel come from a silly, sarcastic place. I don't think the show should be just one thing all the time. I like how personable it is and it feels like dropping in on friends who like to talk about Buffy and Angel, among other things. Tim's multiple returns to the show tells me they're doing something right and he's having fun, so more power to them, I say. :)

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