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May 21 2013

Joss' Twitter account renamed to... what you'd expect his account to be. Our man of purple is now living 140 characters at a time at @JossWhedon. @jossactual is being squatted by unknown parties.

Wonder if his being a verified account has something to do with the name change. I rather liked the story behind the original one but I guess it was getting to be a little too much fun, or something.

Small thing, but important to know if you (like me) type in URLs to view Twitter timelines directly or if you mention him without a client that does a username lookup.

They probably just switched them. He was squatting his own name, from what I recall; now he's probably squatting actual. (Pure conjecture but it'd make sense.)
Well. His latest tweet is a comment on the change: "And my name got changed to my name. Weird. Hate to give up my BSG reference, but maybe it's better this way. Right? #frakkincylons" Can't tell if tongue in cheek or not. Okay, I'm betting it is.

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Well I've changed the URL in the original story so people don't end up getting confused.
Now I have to change all my bookmarks. Le sigh.
I draw the line at a post every time he tweets. Unless there are kitten photos. I can always be bribed with kittens.
It would be nice if we had an archive of his tweets here, though. Maybe on the sidebar? It's not like he has twitter diarrhea or anything...
Ehh. I like the idea that Twitter is more real time and ephemeral, and I'd feel weird about cataloging his tweets. Other people may have different thoughts though.
Yeah. I'm not really for cataloging it and a sidebar kinda reinforces the false impression that this is Whedon's blog or something. I mean, But I'm all for linking to a tweet in a descript if it pertains to the story at hand.
People could, you know, join twitter...
Why yes... some of us are a weeeeeee bit obsessive!
Hah, I know I joined Twitter for exactly that reason: to obsess see what my favorite actors and writers and showrunners were up to.
Neil Gaiman has a verified account yet has the twitter handle of @neilhimself. So I don't think that was the reason why Joss changed it to his real name.
I'm not saying that I follow his twitter obsessively but he's the only celeb who's twitter I check every day very obs...observantly.
Yeah. And I think NPH has @ActuallyNeil. And Joss just tweeted that "The story behind [his] name change turns out to be VERY DULL. I'm just going with it." So yeah.
Yes, Matt_Fabb, the person I joined twitter for so long ago has @GUBLERNATION as his handle. All caps and kinda wacky, so I agree.

IrrationaliTV, yeah, they could. Why didn't I think of that?

Not sure I understand... we're staying away from stuff about Joss or stuff Joss says now in case someone mistakes this for his personal blog? Oh, okay. Thanks for the memo.

Seriously, I can see why you might not want to do it. It was just a suggestion.
Eh, I can make an argument either way. But at the rate he's going, most of the tweets aren't going to be project related. That might change once he settles in. But if it doesn't, I don't think the other tweets will be of interest to people who aren't already following him on twitter.

On a slightly related note, Sean Maher's twitter is finally verified too. There was a joke somewhere that it takes Joss two days, but Sean two years. (Well, not very surprised there.) Personally, I bet it has something to do with Much Ado.

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I think if every one of Joss' tweets was posted (and would that include his retweets?) it would just fill the front page with a lot of fun but basically pointless silliness. It is like Nathan Fillion: when he tweets something substantive about a project he is working on then it is mentioned here, but really if you want to read every single tweet then you should go to twitter and follow him.

And yeah, I get that this site is all about all things Joss Whedon, but not every posting of 140 words is really important (and again, if every word IS important then why aren't you following him on twitter?). Just speaking for everyone who is me, I'm not really interested in seeing Whedonesque just become a repetition of Joss' twitter feed (but of course I do obsessively follow his every post on twitter).
I really didn't intend this to become an extended discussion here. Let's get back to discussing Joss on Twitter more generally please.
OK. General Joss on Twitter comment: He's a funny guy.
Joss is on Twitter?!
@JossActual isn't being squatted by parties unknown, it's blocked to stop it being misused. Just for infos.
May I speculate?!
Well, we've known Joss actually also owned the @JossWhedon account, and were wondering why he wasn't using it to make this big foray into Twitter with an account of his own.

What probably happened is Joss forgot the password for @JossWhedon, and his current assistant wasn't around when that was set-up, and was unable to retrieve the password. Thus having him set a new account, a geekier that is [I'll miss twitting to @JossActual (I could still, but I'd be writing to nothingness)]. After account became Verified, Twitter central just switched things around, allowing him to use @JossWhedon with the new set password.

I still remember bits of the story about how Joss lost his password for Whedonesque, and it took a few people help before the word reached the mods to help him out with that some years ago.
Pretty sure one can change one's own account tag and screen name after signing up without dropping the account. So, @JossActual and @JossWhedon are the same, NumfarPTB ;)
But I think you can only change your handle if nobody else is using it. So he wouldn't be able to change @JossActual to @JossWhedon because both were technically in use at the same time. He'd have to delete @JossWhedon and then rename @JossActual, which, yeah, you can do, I've done it. And then to get the current situation he'd have to recreate @JossActual as when you rename, your former account name stops existing. (So much for a more general convo.)
I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure I saw he was verified under @JossActual too.
Yeah, I thought I saw a check next to @JossActual too. And I believe Joss was verified before Sean Maher, which happened shortly before Joss relocated to @JossWhedon. If I recall right and the timing of the tweets is right, that is.
Probably something his publicist made him do... :)

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