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May 21 2013

Joss Whedon on casting Buffy actors in Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.. Will he? Won't he? Had he even thought about it?

When did they do that "Who we'd like to see" deal? Because they say "We don't know yet if this is before or after the movie, but we want to see Coulson." the trailer, guys - Agent Grant clearly says "I know Agent Coulson was killed before the battle of New York." So obviously this is set after the movie. Or, ya any of the interviews with Joss where he says as much.

That aside...Amber kicks ass?

Yes, I'd like to see Eliza, Enver, Summer & Amber in new shows on TV. However, I'd prefer to see them in different roles, not just a rehash of something they've done before. (I'm not saying Agents of SHIELD is a rehash of anything. I'm saying the article was casting according to what the actor had done before.)

And...if Samuel L. Jackson is always Nick Fury in any version of the MU...I have a hard time picturing Eliza playing his love interest. Daughter, maybe.
The before/after seems to be a common point of confusion still among the people are excited about the show concept but don't follow the news about it very closely. And maybe it works as a muddy point. It keeps people talking about it.
Sarah = Carol Danvers. Yes, she's much shorter than Marvel describes the character in their Who's Who, but... Carol Danvers.

I like Michael B. Jordan for something in the MCU, because I really enjoyed him in "Chronicle" (which was itself actually pretty boss).
What a non-story.
^ Agreed, hardly a story here.

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