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May 22 2013

Advance screenings of Much Ado About Nothing in Melbourne & Sydney. This'll be on May 30th.

Melbourne Advance Screening (Exclusive Event for Cinema Nova Privilege Members)- Thursday 30 May, 6:30PM at Cinema Nova, Carlton - Buy Tickets Here
Sydney Advance Screening (Public Screening): Thursday 30 May, 6:30PM at Dendy Newtown - Buy Tickets Here

The link to the Sydney screening is wrong (it takes you to the same place as the Melbourne link). Found this link for Sydney.
Cheers, I swapped the link over.
Oops! Ticket link for Sydney is
Woohoo, tickets purchased!
Little note for UK'ers. Keep checking the UK site for the film, as more screenings keep getting added every so often and some were disappointed originally. Glad to say one of them is finally just 10 minutes away from myself and I've seen a few added since.
Come ooooooooon, Adelaide!
Aaaarrrrggghhhhh if I wasn't moving and prepping for a giant convention, I would totally be trying to organise a screening in Brisbane. We helped garner interest for Japanese animation movie screenings and turned them into sell out events. I just can't take any more onto my plate right now.

I'll just have to gather a group to see the film on the July 11th then.
Back when Cabin in the Woods was released only at the one cinema in melbourne and sydney, I flew down to Melbourne from Brisbane to see it. Visiting my family down there was my cover story. Looks like its time to go see the estranged second cousin whatsherface again... Any other fans going to the cinema nova screening? We should organise a gathering, shindig or a hootenanny!
There'll be Browncoats & Whedonesquers a plenty at the Melbourne screening! It's now SOLD OUT! But if you missed the chance, keep an eye on the New Melbourne Browncoats site for some exciting news in the next day or so. :)

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I want to go to the Sydney screening so much, but I have exams! Curse you HSC!
It was sold out when I checked- had a very sad moment afterwards...
If you missed out, the New Melbourne Browncoats have some double passes to give away - Details here

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