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May 22 2013

"Which Buffy Character" is Emma Caulfield. In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Chosen, Emma Caulfield takes a Buffy personality quiz.

So pretty, so funny, so awesome, so my dream girl. I could watch her vids all day...but then I might get fired.
Is this a... test? Yes, no? *scared*
I'm Willow too:D
I follow Emma (Essenemma as she likes to be called) on facebook and in light of her somewhat conflicted relationship with her past accomplishments in the Whedonverse, I thought this was a nice gesture.
@MrArg, I can't seem to find anything on her conflicted relationship with the past. Do you mind embellishing on your remarks? You've sparked my curiosity :) Thanks.
I'm Buffy. You have no idea how much that has made my day.
Yeah, I thought Emma was one of the stalwarts. Always there for everything. But I have to admit I haven't followed her as closely as some here obviously have...
The only "checkered" parts I know of is that she 1-said she didn't want to play Anya if there were a televised S-8 or in any spinoffs** 2- she was generally out of sorts with show biz in general during most of her time on the show and has apologized for saying some stronger things than she really felt. Beyond that, color me curious also.

I find it interesting (I follow her on Tiwtter) she's a lot more open about her current sweetie than she was about either Marriage 1 (right after 90210 and is very hard to find out about) or Marriage 2.

** Egotistical note - I take that so seriously I have never visualized my Spook Squad spin-off idea with Anya :-).

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I enjoyed this! I was actually wondering if Anya was even an option, because it didn't sound like any of the options would lean that way.

Also, I seem to recall that when she said she didn't want to continue past season 7 she asked for her character not to be killed off, and well, we know how that turned out.
I'm not exactly sure what her issues are but she tends to arch her back a bit when Buffy related topics come up with her fans. I think she's a little disappointed at Anya being the primary role she's known for, perhaps?
With just 5 answers to each question, I'm pretty sure Anya was not an option.

I turned out to be Oz. But I bet I'd get another result if I did it again, I could have gone for more than answers to some questions.

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