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May 22 2013

Much Ado About Nothing screening in LA with Joss Whedon and some of the movie cast. It's on June 7th at 5pm.

Site crashed.
Works for me. Go go go LA people!
I'm so very sad. I work till 6pm on Fridays ;(
That's two big events for the movie in the same week. That ought to be enough to make sure it's shown nationwide on June 21st. Meanwhile, if it's in SF on June 7th, I'd like to know where
Looks pretty sold out, except handicapped companion seats.
I kept getting through and then getting weird error messages...each time with more of the seats gone. Now it is apparently sold out. *sob*
Yeah, my site crashed post was referencing the (online) seating system and order page - it didn't seem to work.

Still, the US rollout has begun.
I just bought two tickets after multiple error pages (i tried to buy at least 6 times and each time it didn't go through). When I was selecting seats the 7th time there seemed to be about 6 seats left. So if you are trying, there seems to be some delay with the site in processing/releasing seats.

There might be some seating available after the site settles down.
I want to go to there. But I already did earlier this month, so I won't. Unless they invent a safe transporter between now and June 7.
Man, did that server get slammed. I'm so pissed off, though; I got as far as entering my credit card details and everything and hitting "confirm" and then I just got taken back to page 1. I guess maybe I'll get an email with the tickets or something, but I would have expected a confirmation page of some kind.
Um, so, I tried two more times and the third time (a couple of minutes ago) found two good seats together and got a page saying "a confirmation email has been sent." The confirmation email hasn't arrived yet, but it suggests that it might be worth keeping on trying.
I suggest using the mobile site. Either on your phone, or you can type this URL directly into your computer:

From there, select the date, June 7th, and then the movie. You will get to buy your tickets very easily no problem.

The problem with the main site is that there are too many people trying to buy tickets at once and the site is not working properly.
So, I got my confirmation email (yay!)--it's weird though. It has the specific seat information on it, but then it also tells me that the tickets are general admission and that I should "arrive early" to get good seats assigned to me. Anyone know how they actually work it at this theater? Is that just boilerplate from the way they normally sell their tickets or is the whole seat-selecting part of the purchase a sham?
How limited is this release on the 7th, anyway? Is there anywhere that has a list of cities showing it? I'm still coming up empty in my searches here in Minneapolis.
I think it's limited a few cities. If anybody from the distributors is listening, there needs to be a list of venues on the website as fans don't know how to watch the movie.

Going with all my Whedon friends!!!

Soooo excited!
Please someone take pictures and video for those of us who cannot get there!
I would LOVE to go, but 5pm? Aww, if it was only an hour or two later.
I'm going, thanks to a partner in crime who was home when the announcement went out. She started out going for our tickets when it kept crashing at the pay page, then she got three, apart. But she got us three!!!!!
Got tickets & am So Happy. Can't wait to find out which cast members are coming! (As long as Joss is there, I couldn't be happier, though.)
If anyone has a cancellation, please please let me know....
Seriously, I will pay double for this ticket.
According to The Cabin in The Woods on FB, Joss is doing a Q&A at the Arclight Hollywood 7:45pm screening on the 7th. I just picked up 2 tickets and there were still over 50% of the seats avail.

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