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May 22 2013

Full Trailer for The Crazy Ones. Sarah Michelle Gellar is also singing in it. Official Facebook Page can be found here.

Not totally in love with it yet, but will give it a fair chance for sure, if not just for SMG. I did like the 'Drive Thru Lovin'" song, and the scene with Sarah singing.
That's a trailer? That's an episode. Why should I watch this pilot, now that I already know the entire plot of it? Strange way to market a show. A show about marketing, at that. Rather ironic if you think about it.

Also, David E. Kelley... I saw his Wonder Woman pilot. Not a fan.

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I think it looks funny :P I can't wait to check it out!
Not sure I've ever loved a sitcom from the trailer. In fact, I think even from the first few episodes the most I've ever felt was "hmmm, this might be worth sticking with." Sitcoms are all about creating a world and a group of characters who become extremely familiar; it's only once you've got that up and running that they can really take off. The first few episodes of M*A*S*H, for example, were pretty crappy: Alan Alda was trying WAY too hard to be Groucho-on-speed, Hot-Lips Houlihan was a one-note (and pretty drearily sexist) joke etc. The pilot episode of "Seinfeld" is famously lame. Of course, looking back you can see what is going to emerge from them, but they're not at all fully formed.

If the writers think that they can make "The Crazy Ones" work just by giving Robin Williams his head and letting him do his shtick it'll end up being a tedious disaster. But if they can contain him within believably human relationships and draw on his (undoubted) acting chops I think his relationship with SMG could become a really interesting one.
I feel even more confident about this show, it seems to have a good amount of crazy but with good believable characters.
I already like Sarah's character, she seems very real. And Sarah seems very simple and true in her acting, that's not easy to do in a comedy. I think she will complete Robin Williams perfectly.
Nicely put, Yoink. I can't agree with what you said more. That being said, someone let me know when the show hits its stride. It won't be on my very crowded Fall sched at this level of performance.

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Same here. Just take a dash of Robin's zaniness and put it in Sarah, showing both can take wild leaps to secure an account but at different levels of "wild". Then transfer that to the staff.
GreatMuppetyOdin, it's a weird one. These longer trailers are mainly produced to show-off the show to advertisers at upfronts. Even TV-savvy fans will forget by the premiere; as its the billboards, 30-, 15-second promos that really sell the show come Fall.

Saying that, I kind of think this could work. I really hope a workplace comedy succeeds soon, as I think Low-Stakes, Friends Being Friends comedies are starting to wear on me -- fingers crossed this is the one that takes off.
One thing I think is a potential miss in this pilot--qua pilot--is having the firm they're advertising be McDonalds. I actually think it could be quite a fun an interesting part of the show that they're obviously going to working on real brands, which will allow for some intriguing pop-culture commentary on the way brands position and frame themselves. But for the pilot--which will be heavily promoted and advertised--it'll end up feeling like it's all just a big paid commercial for McD's. I think they'd probably have done better to either go for a more obscure and hip real brand (one that would let them poke a bit more fun) or go for a made-up brand.
I always thought that SMG as Buffy had great comedic timing. Now, she gets to play the straight man to Robin Williams and I think she does a great job of it! I'm looking forward to this series. But then I support pretty much everyone from the Whedonverse :) Let's cross our fingers for a great success!
I can't help but suspect SMG's greatest comedic work with a failed Wonder Woman writer is behind her. Unless this show gets abruptly cancelled and she gets a part on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

It just hit me that she'd be strangely perfect for Jen "She-Hulk" Walters. Think about it. That character's personality is just a list of traits Sarah really shines when she plays.
It looks a lot less dire than the first one I saw. I don't like SMG being just the straight person, though - she has far too wide a range to be restricted to this. I hope it works out for her, though.
I think this show might have legs, actually.
"I'm leaving you" and the improvised sex song by Williams and colleague while wining/dining Clarkson made me laugh out loud. It has promise.
I daresay this looks good. Though I hope SMG gets to be more than a straight man from time to time.
I laughed precisely once, and that was the improvised sex song. Otherwise, it plays like classic David E. Kelly - dramedy with quirky characters thrown in. This isn't bad, per se. I'm just hoping they won't make it the Robin Williams zany comedy hour, because that gets old very quickly.

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Ok, not usually a fan of Robin Williams when he's being so OTT but... I kinda loved this? I lol'd at "I'm leaving you" and the sex song. I actually think this looks like it might be a success.
I love this! I love SMG, and I love James Wolk. SMG is billed first so I think maybe Robin Williams will be contained in a way. I am scared that they'll focus on his craziness to much, thus creating a frustrating character. But so far, it looks good.
This is very different from Mad Men.

Okay, I love David E. Kelly. He did Boston Legal and Harry's Law, both of which are favourites of mine. I get to watch Robin Williams play again every week, which I haven't since Mork and Mindy. I'm sold.
I cn't beleive nobody, on any of the boards I got to (except my hinting at it on the Alt,) has made a comment on the title being a play on _Mad Men_, kinda-sorta. Unless somebody did when it was first announced and I missed it.
Show seems to borrow more conceptually from Crazy People with Dudley Moore than from "Mad Men". Although that movie was mostly satirizing the artifice that is advertising, IMO. But I suspect we'll get a little of that from this too.
I loved David E. Kelly's "Ally McBeal" and I'm thinking this shows some great promise! Really LOL'd at that improvised song and the look on Kelly Clarkson's face. I think Sarah was adorable and like that she is so prominent in the show. When I heard she was going to be playing Robin William's daughter in a sitcom I thought she would just be there to be his straight man and not really have a lot of her own scenes. I also thought it was funny that McDonald's is the client with SMG's history with being sued by them as a child!
She may be his straight man in their actual scenes, but she obviously isn't the Show's; not with belting out Not!Jingles in a crowded restaurant (IMO, the best bit in the trailer is "are you going to drink that?").
SMG is billed first so I think maybe Robin Williams will be contained in a way.

Where is SMG billed first? Everything I've seen about this promotes it as a Robin Williams show.
KingofCretins: I'll take your word on that; thing is, as a way to pitch to the audience, , if the title is a reference at all, another current show with a quasi-similar premise is the most likely candidate.

ETA; that's the word I wanted, parity - I tend to use that about weapons and plumbing rather than TV shows, so it didn't occur.

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I think the title is probably a coincidence. They do a pretty good job of explaining its relevance; that the titles of both shows touch on a shared theme is the parity, rather than the one being a reference to the other. "Mad Men" probably wins title cleverness for also hitting the reference to Madison Ave.

The show seems ripe for Celebrity Paradox humor, if having celebs like Kelly Clarkson and prominent brands like McD's is going to be a regular thing and not just pilot "wow". I am really hoping that they go for the jugular the way "Castle" does and have overt references to "Buffy" :)
so we have kick ass buffy and sing along now that's fun. let's hope they don't cancel it like ringer. fyi can you get ringer on dvd in the uk as i've not seen it :-(
It's on Netflix I think.
"Feel like I'm back in court, take halves" -- amazing. With that line this became my most anticipated fall show.
That looks like it's going to be really funny and Sarah is just gorgeous. Can't wait to tune in.

In the trailer, her name comes up first at 04:23

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