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May 23 2013

References made to "Buffy" on TV. Someone has compiled various scenes that Buffy has been referenced in from several TV shows, right up until 2013, and put them into a video.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for posting that.
Ditto! I enjoyed that immensely.
Nice video. Had seen some of those references before (Charmed, Friends, Gilmore Girls, South Park, Smallville, etc.), but it was nice seeing just how many shows have mentioned Buffy.

My favourite is a toss up between Friends, an episode which made me laugh before I had even seen Buffy, and Rory Gilmore mentioning Spike and Drusilla to Paris.
That was fun! My favorite was on Supernatural, with the Ghostfacers asking WWBD What Would Buffy Do? Hee!
I wouldn't be surprised if it was Espenson who worked in that Spike & Dru reference on Gilmore Girls. That was the year she wrote for the show (which was Rory's freshman year at college, which I can tell because she's at college but her hairstyle was only like that when she was a freshman).
I've always loved the Friends one, it just worked so well in that episode. I hadn't seen the Xena reference before - that was quite nice.

This also reminded me of an Angel reference I caught in The Simpsons once that made me giggle. I can't remember the episode but in one scene Bart goes into a video store and in the background under the 'Adult' section you see a shelf marked 'Angel/Spike'.
I haven't had a chance to see it yet but I'm hoping the Buffy/Angel reference from Secret Life of Us is on it.
This applies to this video over and over again.
Enjoyed that. I had seen only a few of these, but it was nice to get the references to Angel and Firefly, too.
I spent seven minuets waiting for the Farscape bits. I love them.
I knew many of them (Charmed, Smallvile, Gilmore girls, Friends, Xena,Supernatural, True Blood) but there were also a few I didn't know.
I was most surprised by the Daria scene. I didn't expect Daria's sister to be a Buffy viewer.

I seem to remember Eureka had more Buffy mentions. something about Fargo's internet searches, if someone remembers.
@urkonn I think there's one or two more references to "Buffy" in "Eureka", but more often, they specifically reference Sarah Michelle Gellar, so that's probably what you're thinking of.

ETA: The video was lots of fun, except the Being Human segment made me cringe because Nina was a Werewolf on "Angel", not "Buffy". I know that could be seen as a nitpick but if they're going to go so far as to namedrop an obscure character like that, they should get it right.

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So awesome. I dropped out from watching Big Bang Theory this season, so I'd missed those new Buffy references. And yeah I'm with kungfubear, that Nina slip up bugged me too. However that throwaway Simpsons Wiccapedia joke was insanely cool.
They might have made it Buffy because more viewers are familiar with the name of the show. Many just are vaguely aware of Angel as a character on Buffy. In Buffy. Never mind.
That was fun. It's missing one of my favorite references - Jon Stewart's opening monologue (Dec 14, 2010) that instead of a Big Brother government we should opt for a Big Sister government. It's kind of long but funny. The Buffy reference is at the end (around the 5:55 mark).
I think Fargo's cool tent with a voice was named Buffy in Eureka.

I love this so so much. My favorite though, which somehow I missed, was "Muffy the Vampire Slayer" from Arthur.

That was a find.

I also really want to rewatch Farscape now.
Being a Buffy lover feels like being a member of the absolutely best ever really exclusive club (that anyone can join if they want to).
I seem to remember Toby Whithouse, creator of Being Human and (I think) writer of the episode with the Buffy mention, admitted that he'd never seen Buffy and that was why he made the mistake.
They have Spaced in there but missed the biggest reference from Spaced! "She's shallow, Brian. She's like Cordelia out of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and latterly "Angel," the spin off series which is set in LA."

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Grrr! Arrrgh!
Thank you!

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