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"She-Hulk has the fakest boobs I ever saw."
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May 23 2013

Saoirse Ronan talks about Joss Whedon and The Avengers. The Mary Sue asked her about that story of her being a prototype for the Scarlet Witch.

I don't know if "teenage waifish white chick" is really how I see Wanda Maximoff. But it wouldn't be Whedon without a powerful teen waif. :)
Didn't Joss also once express admiration for a performance of hers? Possibly in Atonement or Hanna? She is absolutely in line with actors he likes: there is something otherworldly and eerie in her gaze.
Good dream casting tip to keep in mind: Anyone you automatically think of to play a character is almost always already 10-20 years too old.

Saoirse is not. Good.
Saoirse was fantastic in Hanna, and definitely proved that she can do the action hero thing. I'd love to see her in The Avengers.

I never read Avengers comics, and don't remember the Scarlet Witch from what I read of X-Men. But after a bit of googling, she sounds like an interesting character.

Though what is it with Marvel and women who are so powerful that they lose their minds, destroy the world, or have to die/kill themselves because their power is uncontrollable? Is this like a regular comic book trope? And does it ever happen with the male superheroes?
You know, I'm not big on casting speculation... but: love this.
Meanwhile, Quicksilver to appear in... the next X-Men movie.
Ok that's wild, b!x. Character free for all. But I gotta applaud the casting. Evan Peters is wonderful!
Am I the only one who reacted to the interviewer's statement that Eric Bana played the Hulk for Marvel? He played the Hulk, yes, well, sort of (he played Dr. Banner; Ang Lee played the Hulk), but for Marvel? Not quite. That was before Marvel got the Hulk movie rights back (or, for that matter, had a movie studio).
I really hope she gets this role. Offer her an audition Marvel!
SQUEE! I love both actors. I hope it's true. It would be great casting.

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