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May 23 2013

Evan Peters cast as Quicksilver in X-Men:Days Of Future Past. Director Bryan Singer has confirmed the news on his twitter. Joss had already confimed the character for The Avengers. ETA: Hitfix sheds some light on the matter.

Newsarama who I linked to speculate on his wording that it sounds like he'll be sharing the character with The Avengers.

Kevin Feige a while back confirmed that both Marvel Studios and FOX share the rights to Quickilver and Scarlet Witch and can conceivably be used by both studios.

Evan Peters is probably best known for American Horror Story, which Tim Minear is/was a producer. I would put ASH higher than his role in Kick-Ass, given the accolades he received for his roles in ASH. It must be a challenge playing different characters in different seasons.
Maybe they are crossing over after all.
This really raises a lot of interesting questions now.Is this our first inter-studio crossover?Will they be two different versions of the same character or will it be the same version of the character across the X-Men(maybe younger here as aspeculates on Singer's tweet) and Avengers universe?

At first blush I would think the former but Mark Millar who is overseeing all the FOX Marvel properties and hinted about connecting them like the MCU(eventual crossovers between the X-Men and Fantastic Four) has also talked about wanting to try to connect the FOX Marvel films with the MCU in subtle ways atleast by making it so you could believe they take place in the same universe without being explicit.

There is also the fact that originally the Oscorp building from Amazing Spider-Man was supposed to apear in The Avengers but a scheduling problem due the release dates prevented it.
So... This means he'll play the character in the X-Men franchise, but probably not in The Avengers? Because that seems like a total shame. It could be really cool if there was some kind of coherence there. Although I suppose DoFP is in the wrong timeframe?
I don't see how the two universes could co-exist. There are timelines of the world's awareness of superheroes and various battles that don't line up. I can see them winking at each other for those who want to pretend; I can't really see them doing anything overt and hamstringing to creative decisions.

ETA: buildings in skylines is the functional equivalent of Serenity flying through the BSG pilot.

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The MCU is Earth-199999 and the X-Men movies are set in Earth-10005. Maybe they dimension jump.
Evan Peters is a great choice for the role. It would be unfortunate (but far from unheard of) to have different actors playing the role in X-Men and Avengers. As far as timelines matching up, that would definitely be a major issue as others have said. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and his multiple film incarnations have been off doing god knows what.
Evan Peters is amazing though. I don't know the character, I must admit, but I'm always happy to see him in anything. Terrific actor. Seeing him in and X-Men film will be a special kind of treat.
Have never seen Evan Peters in anything but have heard he is excellent in American Horror Story.

I'm insanely excited about Days of Future Past, but the cast does seem fairly bloated. Still, I am excited and hoping for plenty of Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde, because she was my favourite part of Last Stand.
This is all very confusing, I would have thought that if either Fox or Marvel wanted to use the character they would have to get approval from the other. Who knows how it all works out. I hope it hasn't messed up the Avengers 2 plan.
banner, I think the article sums it up pretty well. They have an agreement that both studios can use the characters, but under certain restrictions. Avengers 2 can't mention mutants or Magneto, and obviously X-Men:DoFP can't (and wouldn't, anyway) mention Avengers.

It would be phenomenal if Evan Peters could be in both. I don't actually see why he couldn't be, unless Joss was planning on an older Quicksilver, which I don't think would be the case because Evan Peters is old enough to be the son of Ian McKellan's Magento, but not young enough to be the son of Fassbender's Magneto. That places him in the 70s to 80s because Fassbender's Magneto likely didn't have kids around the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was 1962.

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Well I am starting to see the speculation that FOX is trying to screw over Marvel /Disney with this move.

I just wonder if they do keep Quicksilver in Avengers 2 and just have two different versions of the same character with different actors,will generel audiences get confused.

I mean us geeks get this sort of thing.Just look at the Marvel 616 universe and the Ultimate universe.They coexist fine.And DC has tons of earths with different versions of the same charaters.So sci-fi and comic fans are used to this sort of thing.

But will general audiences get it and not be confused?

I mean I knew people who were confused by Tom Welling on Smallville running at the same time Superman Returns came out with Brandon Routh.They just couldn't understand that it was different versions of the same character set in two different universes and were not connected. They just couldn't wrap there heads around the very concept of that.

It's why I'm glad Justice League Mortal fell through.That was the George Miller Justice League film that was almost made in 2007/2008 which would of run alongside Nolan's Batman films and aSuperman Returns sequel but would not of been connected to them.So you would of had Bale as Batman in the solo Batman films with Nolan,Routh as Superman in a Superman Returns sequel and two different actors playing the roles in Justice League(D.J. Cotrona as was up for Superman and Armie Hammer as Batman).

I could imagine the nightmare of confusion this would of caused and I'm glad the project fell apart.

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Buffyfantic, I guess when Smallville came out, it seemed radical to have the same character in different timelines played by different actors, but I don't think that's as big of a problem now.

Different actors played Bilbo in LOTR and The Hobbit, owing to them having different timelines (LOTR later, The Hobbit earlier in Bilbo's life). Of course, those movies did bridge two storylines so it's not quite the same thing, but I don't think it's a problem for people to understand.

If it is, I don't know what to say to them other than "try harder."

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Well,The Hobbit is a prequel to Lord Of The Rings.Not a seperate universe with different versions of the same characters.I think most general audiences get the idea of prequels.In The Hobbits case,you even have Ian Holme reprising the role of older Bilbo in the wraparound telling The Hobbit story as flashback.

Reboots could fall into this such as was done with Batman,Spider-Man,Hulk and upcoming Superman.But the different versions aren't running at the same time.The reboot has replaced the older version of the characters.Although to be fair,when reboots were a new concept with Batman Begins,I saw people get confused and think Batman Begins was just a prequel to the Burton/Schumacher films.

The closer comparison might be the J.J. Abrams Star Trek which is part prequel but part reboot via a alternate reality created 20 some years before the original series.But even than you had Leonard Nimoy appear as the older original Spock Prime connecting the two realities.

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I added a link to a Hitfix article which seemed to vaguely know what it's talking about.
Buffyfantic, yeah the reboot/alt timelines are probably what people have as a close example of what this could be like BUT I think the underlying point is that people should be much better equipped to understand and be used to different actors in different movies in different timelines. Kirk is still Kirk but the events that shape his life aren't all the same. Perhaps with Days of Future Past and Avengers 2, Quicksilver arrive with different motivations and mannerisms but that doesn't change the fundamental character being presented.

I think Doctor Who might be an apt example. Time travel being wibbly and all that, he can't revisit where he's been before but it's the same character played by different people with different takes and mannerisms. But the fundamental character is still there. He's still The Doctor.
Well, according to the article Simon just linked to,Hitfix sources are saying that this basically is a pissing contest between FOX and Disney/Marvel and this is not a amicable situation between the two.
Thanks Simon, I think that that is an insightful article by Hitfix. I have to say that if Fox thinks it is the characters, and not Joss' writing (along with the box office appeal of Robert Downey, Jr.) that made AVENGERS such a big hit, then they aren't thinking straight. I think Hitfix was completely right when they said that 90% of the movie going audience doesn't know (or particularly care) about Quicksilver. The audience does care about the story and the acting (a brilliant story with great actors will always be a winner IMO).

But I'm guessing we can look forward to a couple of years of online angst on this topic.
I don't think it's amicable by any means, but per the defined restrictions (if they are true) the studios could just have two Quicksilvers anyway and grumble all the way to a fat box office. I suspect that ultimately, it's the character and actor who will benefit least, since Days of Future Past and Avengers 2 already have gigantic casts and that means reduced screen time for new characters.

What about TV? Could Joss add Quicksilver to SHIELD and develop a more three dimensional character there?
It's possible that it won't be that confusing. If they're right that Singer is just using Quicksilver for one sequence, then he may not make much of an impact on audiences. How many people who watched X-Man 3 could tell you the name of the guy who made copies of himself? They probably couldn't even tell you that 5 minutes after seeing the movie. I know it's Jamie Madrox, or Multiple Man, but I honestly can't remember if they even mentioned that in the movie.

I'd give pretty good odds that general audiences will just think both movies have a fast guy in them and don't realize it is supposed to be the same character.
Don't really understand why Quicksilver is associated with the X-Men franchise. He was never an X-Man. He was always an Avenger. Sure he was introduced in X-Men, but by that token Marvel Studios could use Wolverine because he was introduced in an issue of Hulk. Or Rogue who was introduced in an Avengers annual. Or Mystique who was a Ms Marvel villain. etc.

I just hope this doesn't gum up the production for a film that's already a huge logistical challenge.

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I'm trying to recall examples of characters (who are still in copyright) that appeared in separate movie franchises at the same time and I can only think of James Bond. There was MGN's Bond with Octopussy and then Kevin McClory's Bond with Never Say Never Again.
I'm sure some people do associate Quicksilver with X-Men, though. For example, I've only dipped into the X-Men comics recently, so I have never came across Quicksilver in an X-Men comic. That being said, he was in plenty of episodes of the cartoon X-Men Evolution, which I watched as a kid.

Maybe he is more known as an Avenger, though. I honestly have no idea. Should be interesting to see what happens in this instance, though. Wonder who will get the Quicksilver role in Avengers 2...

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I think Marvel will take the fight for Quicksilver to the next step by filming an added scene to Thor: Dark world which will have Quicksilver doing something (as they did with Hawkeye last time). Then they can say they had him first.
But I hope it won't come to that and they will either both use the character with different actors, or even better with the same one.

What I don't get is if Quicksilver will be in the past or the future of "Days of Future Past". the Actor is a bit too old to be Magneto's son in the past (Peters is only 10 years younger than Fassbender) but it is more in keeping with the comics to have Quicksilver and his sister be born before Magneto became Magneto.
Also i have to wonder if they will even go into the whole story of him being his father. "Days of Future Past" seems like enough of a story to fill a whole movie and it has so many characters (some twice).

I really hope the movie franchises simply merge. It would be so great to have Wolverine join the Avengers, and Hulk Smash with the X-men. Not to mention Tony stark consulting with Reed Richards.
Not that Marvel is innocent, but isn't it just wonderful and shiny that the name Fox is involved in this?

I do not know Quicksilver but I agree that the story drives the box office and Robert Downey, Jr.
Quicksilver has been used extensively in X-Factor. That may not be X-Men, but it is in the X-Men family of books. He's actually spent quite a lot of time on the mutant side of the Marvel comics universe.
I hope this will eventually be straightened out in an amicable fashion. The MCU has been great so far, and X-Men: First Class finally redeemed what had become an awful franchise. It would be a shame to see both films adversely affected by pettiness.
As an X-fan, I am very quickly losing confidence in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and it seems very much like tossing together random mutants based on their powers, and basing it on the cartoon version rather than the comic.

It's one thing if the X-franchise wants to address Quicksilver as Magneto's son, but it's another if they just want to have a mutant with his powers and is randomly picking mutants out of a book (like what happened with Psylocke in X-Men Last Stand as one of the Morlocks).

If Mark Millar does have a plan, then he could be going more towards the 90s X-Men with Bishop, Apocalypse, Cable, etc. Quicksilver had a major role in Age of Apocalypse where he was one of the team leaders of the X-Men.

In the Ulimate universe (much of which was created by Mark Millar), Quicksilver did join the Avengers-like team The Ultimates, but was heavily involved tied to the X-Men primarily as an antagonist. So, maybe this is leading somewhere, but it more sounds like Singer wants to do an effect sound and needs a speedster.

I had a lot of hope for Mark Millar being the "Joss" for the Fox X-Men franchise, but I'm not sure that's possible with the limitations of continuity of the past movies, and whatever is going on with tossing in random mutants. I hate to say this, but I hope Days of Future Past tanks at the box office so eventually Joss can do it correctly (with Kate Pryde).
I hope they find a way to make a deal, and make these properties interact. Working together is absolutely in the best interest of Marvel Studios, Sony and Fox; as well as the viewers.

1. They're already interacting with Marvel (the overall company, under Disney) as a publisher of tie-in books, as well as management of merchandising. Avengers movie toys, Wolverine movie toys and Amazing Spider-man toys are all occupying the same space. They're all in bed, to an extent.

2. There's no way that Feige (and Joss) could manage having the F4, Spidey and X-men suddenly thrown into their lap. It's ideal for the audience for multiple studios to juggle these mega franchises.

3. It would be amazing if DOFP could serve as an intro movie for these two very important Avengers, saving Joss a bit of effort. Consequently, Fox gets to enjoy their characters being references in the billion dollar Avengers sequel, and perhaps increasing interest in their own franchise.
This is all hilarious but honestly, very very few people care about the minor characters and will even notice him being used in 2 different movies. Most movie goers have no idea that Marvel movies are made by different studios or give the slightest shit about it. :)
Aren't there irreconcilable timeline conflicts between this movie and the MCU? Aren't they like 40 years apart or something? I ask because... I doubt it's a crossover.

Only crossover I want is Captain America/Fantastic Four and a scene with Steve and Johnny sitting down on the couch to watch "Scott Pilgrim" together.
What the hell?
Does this remind anyone of the IDW/Dark Horse incident with Angel/Twilight?
I'd give pretty good odds that general audiences will just think both movies have a fast guy in them and don't realize it is supposed to be the same character.

Well Fox has hardly been all that consistent with the characters they have all the rights to in the first place. They had Emma be a teenager in the early 80s and then also had the same character in the early 60s as a 30-something year old. (Then they also had Cyclops as a teenager in the 80s which would have made him way too old for the modern day films.)

I mean I assume they aren't going to radically change the character's personality from film to film, I assume that most audiences now can recognize the personality of characters even if they're not the exact same. Like Harry Potter from the books to the films or Game of Thrones across all the media.

But yeah, unless they get the same actor to play different takes on the same character (which I'd find awesome) I imagine most people wouldn't even realize.
@Faithfan you are severely overstating Mark Millar's involvement in this film. He hadn't even spoken with Singer until a few weeks ago. He isn't doing what Joss is doing.
One can call him Quicksilver, the other can call him Pietro. Problem solved.
Newsarama has noted in the linked article with a update that Bryan Singer has modified his tweet.Before it said....

"Before he was an #Avenger, he was just a REALLY fast kid. Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver,"

Now the tweet says...

"Thrilled to say #EvanPeters is joining #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast as #Quicksilver."

So he edited out the Avengers comment.


Borys Kit from Hollywood Reporter is reporting on twitter that FOX has the rights to use the superhero code names of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch while Marvel Studios can only use their names Pietro and Wanda.

Honestly I feel it should be the other way around personally.

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That is so stupid but it doesn't matter if they are referred to as QS and SW because the fans will still refer to them as such.
@daylight, Fox announced in November that Mark Millar had been hired as Chief Creative Consultant for all of the Marvel movies. Fox heavily promoted the fact that he was going to be overseeing development of all future Marvel movies.

There's been a considerable number of interviews Millar has done since then talking about the DoFP movie, so he's definitely been involved. It's entirely possible Singer doesn't give a darn what Millar says and is doing whatever he wants, but it sounds like Millar is the guiding force for the execs at Fox on greenlighting future Marvel movies at the studio and what properties like the FF or X-Men spinoffs are developed next by Fox.
You are putting too much stock in what Millar says. He has a bit of a reputation for overstating his role. When this film started shooting, he hadn't even spoken to the director. I doubt he has much of a role on the Fantastic Four project either.

Just realised yesterday that Joss has an opportunity to introduce Quicksilver in Agents of SHIELD. Also I'm far from convinced there's an issue with the names - if they can both use the characters then they can both use the names, I'd have thought…

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