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"Yeah, what'd she do? Bone a thricewise?"
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May 23 2013

David Boreanaz cast in DirecTV Drama 'Full Circle'. Ten episode drama series that also features Kate Walsh, Minka Kelly, Tom Felton, and others.

From THR's description, it sounds like the characters will only be in two episodes at most, as each episode will follow a conversation between two characters, so Boreanaz would presumably only feature in two episodes. I'm definitely glad to see Kate Walsh working so soon after Private Practice ended.

Yes finally! Give him other stuff to do than jokey-fun FBI dude on Bones! I gave up on that show a couple of years ago even though I liked all the characters.

I know he keeps saying in interviews he has so much fun on Bones but I feel he got to play a broader, more interesting range of things on ANGEL ...
Tom Felton? Angel meets Draco Malfoy and the crossoververse goes kablooey!
I'm with D-e-f, he definitely had more range on Angel. But I do love Bones, more for the entire quirky cast But honestly this role doesn't sound too different from Booth.

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