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May 23 2013

IGN briefly interviews Joss about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. The interview took place during the ABC Upfronts, but was just posted today. Joss reinforces that this is a show about "the lives of these people as they're dealing with this super-world."

My first story post!...or at least the first one that I think will actually stick this time. I might have the hang of this now! :)
My favorite quote about the new show: "but it’s not an Easter egg hunt. It really is just about the lives of these people as they’re dealing with this super-world."
I didn't figure they'd be loading it down with Marvel characters. I'd be very happy with a couple a season.

When I think about what Marvel characters I would like to see in the show, I tend to think of people who would make good recurring characters. Characters like Moon Knight and Black Cat. Non-powered or mildly powered characters that could be annoying or useful to SHIELD, depending on the situation.

Also, the Runaways wouldn't just make a good episode, they'd make a good season arc. There would be all the emotional stuff about how SHIELD would deal with super powered children on the run, but also their super villain parents would make a great Big Bad for the season.
The show may not have super heroes in it every week but I hope they at least incorporate some of the organizations and groups from the comics into the show like A.I.M., HYDRA, and S.W.O.R.D. Heck maybe they could even steal THE PRIDE from the Runaways series.

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Hmmm, J. August Richards as Moon Knight would be interesting...
I love the concept of the show and I'm sure it'll be great, but I can't help but think that a lot of comic fans are just wanting to see all their favorite superheroes showing up from week to week and will be disappointed when they realize that's not the case. Hope it gains some traction for what it is and sticks around a while.
LaneMeyer, that thought has occurred to me. There needs to be a tightening up of the message about what the show IS - at the minute I suspect a lot of fans believe it's Superhero Of The Week Every Week.
I think people got the message with "not every hero is super" or whatever it was on the trailer.
You'd think, but all the talk is Luke Cage, superhero this, superhero that. Which is the nature of the beast and fine (people love some superheroes, including me), but a neat question would be "Who are Fitz and Simmons, and isn't it weird these Europeans are working for S.H.I.E.L.D., and organisation that sometimes has Homeland in its name?". The show has half a million likes on Facebook and it's May - there's a possibility of a bit of a backlash if people get to the show and find it talking about something different to what they expected. But on the flip side - it's only May.

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I think if people can't understand that Agents of SHIELD may just be about Agents of SHIELD then there's not much hope left for us.
The online chatter will not be representative of general audiences. We are the geeks.
I agree with that ^. Most people don't read comic books (or pay close attention to the MCU), and if the show brings the right mix of character, humor, and action, no one is going to care about which superheroes are or aren't in it.
I can't name a single Marvel character that hasn't been in a movie or is planned to be in a movie except Captain Marvel who I just learned about less than 2 years ago. Don't know anything about any of them nor do I care. AoS will still be must see viewing for me and millions just like me.
What will probably happen is that people will assume that some of these characters are in Marvel comics even when they're original characters. If they're popular enough, they'll get added to the comics in the way that Coulson was.
I hadn't seen that longer trailer before (yeah, I live under a rock). The show struck me as influenced by both Fringe and Alphas. Which is a good thing in my books.
"Heck maybe they could even steal THE PRIDE from the Runaways series."


"Holy double cross the streams double cross-over" Batman! Double cross, I say! Now with 100% more Coulson.
ITA with Lionness about the Alphas & Fringe feel. My feelings after seeing the trailer & reading more of these interviews is that this show will be more like Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse than the Avengers movie. Just in terms of scale, the focus on the "Everyman/people begins the scenes, and dealing with the "strange". In a way it almost seems TOO like Alphas- there is even a character named Skye!

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