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May 23 2013

Another Much Ado screening gets a Joss Q&A. Joss will be at the Arclight Hollywood for the 7:45pm screening of Much Ado About Nothing on June 7th. ETA: It sold out, so they moved it to a much larger screen, but now it is sold out again!

How does that make sense if he's going to be at the Landmark Theater?
2:45 hours between show times, not a far drive.
Just got my tickets! Thank you for posting this!!! I was so bummed I couldn't go to the other showing!
What active said - couldn't get tix to other screening, this came up, jumped on it, am going and bringing a friend. Thanks very much for posting!
NP, I was in the same boat and was surprised I saw this early enough to get tickets and that it was not posted yet. I'm never the first to know! I'll be the guy with the 10" goatee siting next to the girl with the blue hair.

Thanks to the mod that fixed the link. I knew it was possible to link directly but couldn't figure it out and didn't want to hold off on putting this up.
Um.... It's actually not sold out! I was able to buy two tickets just now. There were actually plenty of seats. The row I just bought tickets in was completely empty and the sides of the Arclight (the right and left seats at least 4-6 on each side on most rows were empty).

Thanks gus, looks like they moved it to a much larger screen! Go get your tickets people!
I'll tweet this as well.
Got my tickets for this in time. Thrilled.
Looks like it is sold out now.
Um...there are tons of available seats to the 8:30 screening in the Dome at the Arclight Hollywood. Front page about the screening:

Purchase tickets (choose 8:30):

If you sign up for a free membership with Arclight, you get $1.00 off the cost of the ticket.

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