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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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May 24 2013

Empire Magazine review of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. They gave the movie four stars out of five and said "Whedon and Shakespeare are a perfect match."

Amy's acting alone should of rated a, "*****"! Okay, I'm bias, guess I can sit still for a four star. But, only by sitting on my fingers and crossing my toes!

See, I'm reasonable.
Indeed you are, Madhatter.
I liked how hard they tried to praise everyone in the film. And rightfully so.
"Shakespearean Scooby gang" is my new favorite phrase.
"Whedon and Shakespeare are a perfect match." Guess we all felt that for many years. Now the match has come true. :-)
Ooo I liked the empire review.

FWIW, Helen O'Hara, the reviewer, is a huge Joss fan. She's also a regular on the Empire movie podcast (of which I'm a regular listener). Whenever she gets the chance she praises him and his work. For example, he was the first of the four people she wanted to see on her personal Mt Rushmore (a podcast listener's question).

It was suggested in a podcast that she wasn't there because she was interviewing Joss at one of the MAAN festival screenings, and I've been looking forward to reading her interview but haven't seen it surface yet.

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