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May 24 2013

Joss mentioned in Daily Dot story about fandom and Yahoo's purchase of Tumblr. Aja Romano name-drops Joss in her piece arguing for Yahoo to embrace fan norms and practices.

On Tumblr, the gods are obvious: One Direction, Joss Whedon, Sherlock's creator Stephen Moffat and star Benedict Cumberbatch, K-pop group Exo, Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie, the Green brothers, and Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston. You will never get a fan to care more about clothes, cars, shoes, or household products than they do about whether Sterek is going to happen on Teen Wolf.

Frankly, I'm kind of shocked that Much Ado hasn't been taking more advantage of Tumblr for helping people locate showtimes, etc. Somebody has been filling up my dash with Amy and Alex GIFs, after all, and that's good noise for them.
The trouble with articles like this is that it lumps fandom in one big thing and assumes that fans know best. Fandom is full of wonderful people who don't know what they want and hate other people who don't know what they want either. Also it fears change. We can't cope without Geocities. We did. We can't cope with the message boards. We did. We can't cope without LiveJournal. We can't cope without Tumblr. We will.
Wait, so did Yahoo actually buy Tumblr? I thought that was just a prank.

(Not that it really matters to me as I don't use either of them...)

These are confusing times that we live in.
Yes, they did.

Tumblr skews very young. I'm in my 40s and I'm considered ancient, almost prehistoric. Many Tumblr users haven't gone through this type of change. They grew up with stable Facebook, which is bizarre. In their short Internet time, Facebook probably seems like it has existed an eternity.

They are just discovering the joys and pains of fandoming in a social way. They are sharing crazy stuff, which includes, as mentioned, the hate for those unlike them. The maturity is squat. But Tumblr is loved and thus the very young users are scared, IMO.

They may not know there's another platform around the corner that may be even better. I anticipate loads more complaining as the purchase moves forward.

I'm not sure this is correct but loads of fans truly believe that tweeting/tumbling their opinions can save a fav character, promote an arc, or an agenda. I've tweeted Supernatural writers just yesterday about the final ep female bloodbath because I was still angry. Maybe that's not a good idea.

It'll be interesting (scary?) to see how these platforms are used when AoS airs. And how the 'verse creators react.

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hann23, I can't speak to the other fandoms out there but I can tell you that the Criminal Minds (hear me out) fandom has direct and frequent communication with all the show's writers (public chats after every episode, almost everyone's on twitter/tumblr), most of the main cast, and the showrunner. The show is unique, both in my experience and noted in the press for listening and responding to the more rational side of the fandom. After two disastrous seasons (6 and 7) where horrible casting and storytelling mistakes were made, abysmal writing was the norm, the fans repeatedly asked for, and got:

A return to focused profiling
Less gore
Sharper, cleaner writing, on par with the first four seasons
Team warmth (a unique part of this show, which had been sorely neglected)
Proper use of team member's special gifts and contributions and a refocus on the team as the star, as opposed to the villains.
Insight into character's personal lives

And much more. I'm by no means saying that 'fans always know best', but that in extreme cases, if people are vocal enough, there can definitely be change for the better.

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