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May 24 2013

Tonight on NBC - Joss Whedon guests on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'. It should be a lot of fun. ETA: Clips on him on the show can be found here and here, the episode in full can be watched here (US only). Various sites are reporting what Joss said about Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

My DVR is set and ready to go!
My gratitude is set and ready to go*!

*To the inevitable wonderful people who youtube it for the rest of us not in Americaland. (Seriously - thank you.)
Joss and TMBG! A pop culture quinella to be sure, can't wait!!
Note that the episode will be posted here after it airs.
Is Joss the 2nd guest of the night?
Yes, Joss will be up second (I'm watching now, Jimmy did a great Game of Thrones parody... I was sorry that Joss didn't do a walk on in that!). I'm staying up too late, which is silly since my DVR is recording it.
That was such a fun interview! And I loved the clip they showed (Dogberry's 'I am an ass' scene). Hopefully that will get people to go see the movie.
That was great! I wish they could have talked for longer, though!
Much as I don't like Jimmy Fallon, Joss was great as always. He did seem a tad nervous, which is so weird (for a great big movie director) and adorable at the same time. Love this man.
Fell asleep early here in California & just woke up in time to watch it... looking forward to it...
I added the video clips. Hoping they will surface on YouTube soon.
It was fairly short, but relatively-dense for the time allotted. Nothing new (in terms of info) for fans, but always good to see Joss, especially on a talk show.

Ooh, and now the Much Ado ad... it looks good on my TV.

Where was I? Oh, yeah... love how casually-dressed Joss is, no matter what. He looks good *and* comfortable, which is great for the viewer, too. (I'm always uncomfortable watching women in tight dresses trying not to breathe or let their tiny skirts ride up...)

Jimmy Fallon seemed to like Joss, which was dear - I liked his attempts to get into *both* Avengers 2 and the next Shakespeare reading and/or movie.
The Roots playing the Ballad of Serenity was pretty darned cool.
I grinned with Joss when he walked in to the Roots played the Firefly theme! XD

;_; when he mentioned his mom... *hugs Joss*

I rewatched the Avengers last night (6th time??) and mistakenly reawakened my NEED to see the team back together.
Go to It's a free vpn which you can install on your browser (Google Chrome is best I think), and you can watch US sites like this on that. (Also US Netflix - yay for always streaming Angel wherever I go:))

Very funny interview.
faith in Angel, you are a saint! Thanks to you I was able to subscribe to Netflix and will be able to watch Arrested Development from Turkey tomorrow. Can't thank you enough.

Also, the interview is ace. Hope he'll be on more talk shows when S.H.I.E.L.D. comes in September. Crossing my fingers for Jon Stewart.
Gods, I loved that and I hadn't seen the Much Ado clip so that was just awesome.

Okay, how can we get the Roots to cover all of the Whedonverse songs?

Sidebar:the Roots stole the Game of Desks bit.
I loved his face when he realized the Roots were playing the Ballad of Serenity, and the Much Ado clip of Nathan was awesome =) I hope he gets more late-night spots leading up to the release! Come quickly, June 7th!!
Awesomeness! I loved the interview, and that clip made me so very excruciatingly excited to see Much Ado.

And I too was excited to see They Might Be Giants on after Joss. Something about seeing to unrelated things I love in the same place.
I didn't watch the full episode, just the clips. "I can't make any promises."

The Harmony/Xander...I mean...Dogberry slap-fight was adorable! I really hope this gets released somewhere I can go see it.

And, yes, Nathan is a stud. News from the world of "duh."

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I agree, hann23, Roots was (were?) amazing in the Game of Desks bit (and looked like they were having a ball with it).

I thought Joss handled everything well, in spite of being nervous; clearly Jimmy wanted to talk about Joss' Dad and Grandfather's writing careers (and not discuss Joss' Mother's death). It was a good interview which covered a lot of bases I think. Maybe Jimmy deserves more credit as an interviewer than I thought....
If we want a good, deep, late-nighter we should cast our votes somewhere for a one-guest Craig Ferguson appearance similar to this week's Stephen Fry interview. CraigyFerg is no slouch in that format and I think the guys would enjoy each other.
Faith in Angel, Thank you very much for that suggestion about mediahint! It works a treat!!
On Youtube, there is one minute of footage so far - the Dogberry clip, so hoping that someone will put the whole thing on very soon!
FloralBonnet - all the yes-es.

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