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May 25 2013

The top ten weirdest Buffy episodes. There were a lot of them.

Maybe I've seen them so many times, but they don't actually seem weird to me!
Most of those episodes were brilliant episodes, not weird. They were the norm for the Buffy universe. I don't think the author got what Buffy was about and/or didn't understand the methods of storytelling that were used. The weird episodes would be what is known as the throw away episodes, the one offs or fillers.
spaceguy, the author states her appreciation for the episodes in the write-ups many times. The title of the list is maybe off, since yes, there are some episodes that are actually much, much weirder. But it's actually interesting to think that some of the best episodes are the ones that on paper sound the most absurd.
Yeah, the title is a little bit off, because, come to think of it, the whole show is just one big weirdness. I mean, what, isn't Internet demon weird? Or a swim team turning into scary amphibians? Or all the girls chasing a guy with a magical alluring coat? So basically this list is just a list of random episodes that somehow seemed unusual or weirded the author out. And except for the Eliza Dushku part (cause I love and adore her and Faith both), it was a fun read. More so for someone who is not as obsessive as me (I notice things... Joyce wasn't dead in Restless yet)
I love 'Normal Again' from season 6, and the author definitely gets it - "This, of course, throws into question the reliability of the entire series, which is so mind-blowing to me that I just want to watch it on repeat until my head actually explodes."

Not only for the obvious reasons of bringing everything into questions, but that it just seems so RIGHT considering where Buffy's head is at during season 6, recovering from that slight issue of being dead. One of my favourite episodes. Or it would be, if (by some crazy random happenstance) I was forced to choose between them all!

High-five for season 6!!
"Normal Again" threw me for a total loop until I figured it out: Buffy chooses to be strong. The world where Joyce and Hank are still together (and alive) is a comforting one, but Buffy doesn't need her mom any more, whereas her friends in Sunnydale definitely need her. So she takes the strong route.

And because of that, I don't think it matters if she's dreaming it or not. The show is about becoming strong and taking responsibility for that strength, and Buffy does the right thing.

After all, she's already fictional, so what's another level of fiction?

I think the author of this list got most of these but I don't think she quite got "Restless" (my perennial favorite). However, she put it front and center, so all is forgiven.
@ManEnoughToAdmitIt - I like that analysis. Especially when you think about season six being all about Buffy becoming an adult, and saying goodbye to her mother (and, by extension, her father). Like you say, Buffy's job isn't to take the easy route, but to do what's right, no matter how hard or painful. Unlike a certain brooding vampire we all know who does what needs to be done, regardless of whether it's right.
Huh. One person's weird is another's inspired, as in the cases of Hush and Once More With Feeling. I always thought, say, The Prisoner was weird, but never Buffy.
Hmm, the fact that she hasn't watched a Buffy episode "since they stopped airing them before school" and the fact that she said Willow was writing in Greek really turns me off. Plus there was a really rude poster in the Comments section. But I love the take on Normal Again that you guys are expressing here. I think it's an underappreciated episode.
Wait, I thought Willow WAS writing in Greek! What what what?

This is going to bother me. Restless is my favourite episode and all.
It was Greek, wasn't it? I thought it was a Greek poem, by the poet Sappho from the Isle of Lesbos?

It's my favourite episode too.
Restless was my favorite episode long before it was hip and cool to love that episode. :)

I get the feeling that many here are taking "weird" to have some kind of negative connotation, but I think in this case, it simply means the author thought these episodes were more unique, unconventional, unusual and just plain different. I'm good with that.
It's not until you think about them from the perspective of somebody watching the show for the first time that you realise how bizarre some of these episodes sound. A lot of them really shouldn't work as well as they do.
Just determined that I like weird, a lot.

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