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May 27 2013

Kickstarter for Amy Acker movie, "The Energy Specialist". A feature film from budding film-makers, starring Amy Acker, and others was shot in 2000, but was never completed due to lack of finishing funds. Pledge enough and the goal reached, and you can get the DVD, listed in credits, or even an invitation(s) to the premiere.

They say:

"This project is due to be funded if at least $55,000 is pledged by Thursday Jun 6, 6:13pm EDT. The Funding period overall is May 7, 2013 - Jun 6, 2013 (30 days)"

Perhaps an interesting picture of Acker's early career pre-Angel could be sensed if the makers get the chance to finish their film!

yikes, they're pretty far from their goal...
I love Amy Acker's portrayal of Fred, but I'm not sure I need to pay to fund this movie. It looks amateurish, and not in a good way. It would be an interesting view into her pre-Fred career, though, as you say...
So many things to kickstart, so little money... I'll probably skip this one, since the various "x Free Downloads" rewards imply it will be DRM'd.
The projects I've funded start at $5 or $10, and have a lot of backers at that level. I think this one starts a little high.
Too much being asked for too little reward. The reason the Veronica Mars and Lust for Love (out any day now, I'm sure... right?) Kickstarters succeeded was fair rewards for fair amounts of money on top of the demand.
I see Amy herself hasn't mentioned anything about this on Twitter. One tweet from her asking for backers, re-tweeted by various other Whedonverse people would almost certainly be enough to fund this project. But it looks like she's probably not involved.
Wow, at this stage, they'd be better off buying an Final Cut For Dummies book and just doing it themselves, working on it on weekends and evenings, and selling the the DVD and download reasonable price.
apollo11, Lust for Love is in post production and good progress is being made. Last video update is here. It's obviously taking longer than we thought, but ultimately we don't want to half arse it out to people.

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