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May 27 2013

TV spot released for Much Ado About Nothing. The movie is rated PG-13 in the States.

That would be PG-13, right?
So it is.
But, but has anyone anywhere in US found listings of when and where this film will be shown? Did I miss a link/annoucement?
As I understand it, it's opening in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York from June 7th onwards. I don't think there's a list where abouts in those areas. Don't know about other areas yet.
We probably won't know how many theaters its going to be in until they see how the limited release does. If it does really good maybe it can get in 1500+. If it does horrible then I imagine it'll vanish before the end of the month. So if you live near those areas, please go see it so the rest of us can too!
During the Fallon segment, it said that it's opening in "select cities" (and probably only a handful of select venues) on June 7 (this particular ad is probably targeting the LA market and specifically names the ArcLight), and "nationwide" on June 21. So just sit tight and wait for June 21.
Yeah, you gradually roll these things out. If it does well in 3 cities I imagine it will roll out to 20 or so venues a few weeks later. That's pretty much the model for these things.
Okay, thanks!
In case anyone else is wondering about the Canadian release, Tribute, the magazine for a Canadian movie chain, has June 14th listed as a release date for Much Ado. No further details aside from the date, alas.

On an entirely self-interested note, I hope that is referring to all three of the major cities (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver) and not just Toronto...!

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Oooh, did we know there's a Canadian distributor? Looks like Alliance Films has it, they've had a trailer on YouTube since March I didn't know about.
The recent movie Mud might give some idea of what Roadside Attractions plans for the release of Much Ado. Mud, the most successful RA movie, has so far earned over $15 million over 5 weeks. Its widest release was 960 theaters in its fourth week, its highest rank was 7th this past weekend, its fifth week. Releasing a successful movie is about the long haul rather than making money the opening weekend. A thousand screens is unlikely, but a $20 million gross is not entirely unrealistic (it looks like Mud might earn that much).
Yeah you're right bigsofty about the amount of theaters. Guess I was being overly optimistic. The farthest out of Charlotte I'd be willing to travel is to Concord, NC. If I have to go any farther I may have to wait for Blu-Ray.
I actually saw the U.S. trailer attached to Star Trek Into Darkness over the weekend. According to the theater chain's (Malco) web site, the film starts June 21 in Memphis.
My family saw the trailer when they went to see The Great Gatsby, but I can't find any listings for it yet in my city (Salt Lake).

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