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May 28 2013

The fifty greatest Joss Whedon moments. It's click-through heaven.

There are things on this list that I agree with, some things I don't. However The Body is very deserving of the number one spot (Even though I would have taken "Restless" too). Makes me excited to see Much Ado!
I - also- like most of the list, some I don't....
That said, since its ten years since the last Buffy episode and Joss is busier than ever, I wouldn't mind a TV reboot of Buffy ..If only because I cannot forsee anytime soon a Buffy related movie or similar project appearing that would involve the original cast, writers or Joss..

"Did I say that out loud?!" - Castle .. :)

Two clicks in and I've already learned something (had no idea Joss did the score for Much Ado, just one more reason to anticipate it).
Also glad The Body was #1. Still the best hour ever seen on television.
The best thing about Joss is that a list of "50 Greatest Moments" isn't a stretch at all. I remember Rolling Stone doing an issue where they listed Bob Dylan's 75 Greatest Songs, which also wasn't the tiniest bit absurd.

The best thing is that Joss is now A-List and can do all kinds of things he couldn't do ten years ago. I think 15 years from now we could see Joss's 100 Greatest Moments.

But no matter what he does, for me he is always mainly going to be the guy who came up with Buffy.

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