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February 28 2004

Possible "Restless" Influence? click on the Talks & Events link on the left

Reminded me of a certain "meaningless" Joss character *smirk*.
trying to provide a time-out from the whole AtS mess.

Hee, the truth is finally revealed. Nice one.
rsfayez: I must be missing something.. what are you refering to?
hahahaha.... i don't wear the cheese, the cheese wears me. Very funny rsfayez.
Ye-ah, that was a bit of a stretch. :}
Redfern, On Buffy the episode "Restless" (4x22 I think it was) the scooby gang falls asleep and all of them have dreams that blend into one another. One of the themes that pops up in all the dreams is a man with a slice of cheese on his head. He said the line Tvmoobunny said: "I dont wear the cheese, the cheese wears me". It was pretty funny. Here is what Doug Petrie had to say about the infamous Cheese Man...

BBC : Please tell us about the Cheese Man! Joss has stated that it was very much the one element (of the episode) that deliberately didnt mean anything. However, as is the way with such things, has there now been a temptation to actually do anything with that character or concept?

Doug Petrie: I dont think I have ever seen a more effective tabula rasa (blank slate) than the Cheese Man. People just went nuts for it and everyone said “it obviously means this” or “it obviously means that.” It's just fascinating. It's the weirdest Rorschach test that I think we've ever put on the show. To my knowledge, there's no plan to bring the Cheese Man back. Unless there have been discussions that I haven't been a part of!

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Of course, the Cheese Man returned in Jonathan(?)'s nightmare/flashback sorta thing in season 7.
Explain that, Aaronsw? I don't remember a Jonathan nightmare/flashback in season 7.
It was in "Storyteller": Andrew and Jonathan's shared nightmare in a flashback to their exile in Mexico. The Cheese Man appears for a fraction of a second.
Ah, something I missed or forgot about. I'll have to look closely at that scene next time I see that episode. Something to look forward to...
I totally noticed that, it was the second time I watched that episode. I rewound it several times just to make sure I saw what I saw...maybe the cheese man is how the first appears to people when he doesn't want them to see someone they know. I'm just kidding, I don't really think that, but hey.

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