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May 28 2013

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #22. This issue will be out on the 12th of next month.

What is that scythe called?
It's called "Mʔ." I don't think any of the characters in season seven successfully pronounced it?
The art doesn't seem so nice.
Don't get me wrong, I really like Jeanty, but apart from the beginning of the season and the last issue, his art hasn't been good in S9 IMO.
@ insistondoubt

"MMmquestionmark," like "MMm cookies."
@ insistondoubt
They at least could pronounce scythe correctly... unlike certain Season 8 Blu Ray's which shall remain nameless.

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Question: How do you pronounce the name of Buffy's weapon.

Answer: Axe.
D'hoffryn (sp?) is toast.
Hope it's Xander what gets to kill off D'Hoffryn if they go that route.
I'm hoping D'Hoffryn doesn't buy it, tbh. I love that bastard!

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