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May 29 2013

Ron Glass: 'Firefly' fans around the world have 'just kept me soaring'. Interview covers how Glass came to do Sci-Fi after years avoiding it and how he feels about Shepherd Book and Firefly fans.

The prospect of meeting the man who played Shepherd Wood already has helped recruit more costumed characters for the concerts’ “Star Wars” segments, noted Bryan Goeppner.
LOL @ "Wood." Sweet article. I wasn't into the idea of Firefly at all but my daughter told me Ron Glass was in it, so I decided it might be worth a look. Ohhhh, yes.
Maybe Shepherd Book is a descendant of Robin Wood and he sometimes goes by the matrilineal name? :) Or maybe they were thinking, "Book, paper, paper is made of wood" - so again, matrilineal name ...
Generally I lose respect for an article when it writes "blue-rays" instead of "blu-rays". I'm picky like that. However, it provided a nice little insight on Ron Glass, even with the "Shepherd Wood".

I saw Ron Glass when he came out to Australia. He was really entertaining and brought life to the audience. It was especially impressive considering the previous guest had killed the atmosphere and left us with a sour taste. It is a bit funny considering this article, but that previous guest spent a great time of his Q&A telling us how he hated being in Sci-fi and preferred not to be remembered for his short stint in the genre. He spent the rest of the Q&A talking about his unknown music career. You can see why that didn't exactly go down well at a sci-fi convention. I don't know if Ron Glass had known what the previous guest had said before going on stage, but he really warmed us all up again. You could definitely feel that Ron Glass loves being with the fans and loves talking about Firefly. He was the highlight of that convention.
Generally I lose respect for an article when it writes "blue-rays" instead of "blu-rays".

I don't know - giving the benefit of the doubt, blue-ray is a perfectly accurate technical term for them.
Looks like "Shepherd Wood" was an ordinary typo, since they got it right twice before in the same article.

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