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May 29 2013

Joss Whedon presents the Much Ado About Nothing fan art contest. The Regal Cinemas competition is only open to those in the US (via ComingSoon).

Naturally I spoke a few days too soon when I said MAAN's team weren't leveraging his fandom to make the movie successful. Great to see this!
Their website appears to have died. Edit - it's back.

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So - if you win - you get nothing?
I understand that, if you win, Joss signs the finished/printed poster for you...
and even if you lose, Joss got to see your lame attempt.
The winner will also receive a year’s supply of movies from Regal Cinemas and a framed copy of the poster – signed by Joss Whedon.
I have a really stupid one in my head. I don't actually want to win, but anything to be stupid.
Note: they want a given size/DPI, but then don't provide the templates in that size/DPI. In fact, if you open all three formats, they don't even match each other.
This is kinda cool, and I plan on entering - but then, I always do plan on entering contests like these. Let's see if I really do...

Yeah, when I opened a 17" x 24" InDesign file, and serially placed all three formats in it, they were indeed different sizes - the eps is a file too big for the 17x24 space, w/ the bottom-of-the-page movie info they've provided located within it towards the bottom of the file; the pdf is a file cropped close-tight to the same text provided in the eps file, and with the same or very similar size type; the png is a *substantially* larger-sized file, with larger type, but at a lower-resolution. Go know...

That said, I see no problem with placing the type pdf in my InDesign file and constructing it there.

I have a couple of ideas that I'm excited about, but my concern is that I've come up with ideas requiring greater skills than I have - but that's par for my course, so I'll try running with them.

I think it's too bad that they haven't provided any high-resolution assets (unless I completely missed them, which is possible) like photographs or suchlike - since they will require our submissions to be at a very high resolution, should they be chosen for printing, I'm at a loss to understand where we would find anything related to the movie & good enough to use in our designs.

However, and anyway, it's unclear in the guidelines what we *can* legally use: since they must be

" original work of authorship/artwork (i.e., the entrant must own all right, title, and interest in the Submission and have the unfettered right to assign such right, title, and interest to Sponsor).

• Not contain, incorporate, or otherwise use any content, material, or element that is owned by or licensed from a third party or entity, and not violate, misappropriate, or infringe any intellectual property, publicity, privacy, or other rights of any third party.

• Not violate the terms of any employment, work for hire, or any other agreement.

Not in any other way violate any applicable laws, rules, or regulations."

Not being a lawyer, nor privy to the various legal agreements made between the various entities involved, I don't know if that means we *can* use images from the film trailers or Bellwether press photos, or not.

Nonetheless, it's cool that we have a shot at Joss seeing our lame attempts, as embers says. (I imagine someone or ones will be doing an initial weed through the bulk of the entries, and then the best of them will go on to Joss for Final Judgment.)

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Here is mine, sure to blow all the oth-- what do you mean I'm doing it wrong?

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