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May 29 2013

Extended Trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Both Anthony Stewart Head (playing the centaur Chiron) and Nathan Fillion (Hermes) are in the movie. This trailer has a longer scene with Nathan than the earlier trailer.

Tony's Chiron sure has long legs. I wonder if he's a Thoroughbred?

I don't know anything about the books and didn't see the first movie - is Chiron Percy's mentor?

Nathan sure is dapper in a suit.

I'm looking forward to this movie. It looks like fun, and the special effects look great. I'm especially eager to see more of that fantastic hippocamp.
Chiron is the Activities Director at Camp Half-Blood; Pierce Brosnan had the role in the first film. (I had to look it up: )

Percy Jackson is the star of a YA series by Texas writer Rick Riordan. I'd enjoyed his Tres Navarre series--adult mysteries about a San Antonio detective. Prompted by the success of Harry Potter--but also by his years of teaching & a sincere love for Greek Mythology--Riordan began a series about the modern offspring of Greek deities. Who apparently still find mortals attractive...

Although I'm decidedly not the demographic, I enjoyed the first book. Haven't continued the series, but I would have loved it when I was a kid. The first film got lukewarm reviews but this one has been getting some favorable buzz.

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I caught the 1st one one cable and enjoyed it way more than I expected to. Probably won't hit the theater for this but will definitely check it out on DVD.

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