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May 29 2013

Neil Patrick Harris is the host with the most. Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the Emmy Awards for the second time on September 22nd. This is in addition to his previously announced hosting gig for the Tony Awards next Sunday (June 9th).

Fun to be had then!

Oh and when are the nominees announced? And how can I help Tatiana Maslany win the lead actress in a drama series?

Orphan Black is fantastic! Tatiana does a terrific job there, way better then SMG did at Ringer, sad to say.
Tatiana Maslany would be the only actor nominated in her category if I had my way. Better performance(s) from her this year than all other women combined.
Wasn't familiar with ORPHAN BLACK until you two mentioned it. Now I want to check it out!
Mind will be blown!

Too bad this season is ending *sad*
Wow, this is great recognition for Neil, when will the Academy/Oscars give him a try?
Could Neil go for a hosting EGOT?

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