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May 29 2013

Joss Whedon talks Quicksilver, Firefly and...Batman? Q and A with Joss after a "Much Ado" screening hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. ETA: Clips of the Q&A can be found here and here.

Probably not film or television. There's a ballet I'd like to do. The three people who'll go see it will love it! I can't really play any music and I want to do a full-length musical. There are books I want to write, so many things I'm excited about.

If even one of those things happen I will be very happy.
I wonder if that's still The Serving Girl with Summer Glau, or if he has a new ballet.
The Serving Girl was meant to be a short film right? His comment about only 3 people seeing it suggests to me he is thinking more a traditional stage production.
Oh, I took that as just a joke about the general lack of interest in ballet. And I do hope it's the Serving Girl, unless that means he's going to release TWO ballets.
I would pay Joss to direct a Red Dead Redemption movie. Or rebirth Goners as a game. By pay I mean offer him all I can afford - some string, a cuddly toy, and a Take That CD.
I found some clips of the Q&A and added them to the link.
Poor Joss was clearly ill, coughing a lot, but still giving it his all. I think the quip about three people seeing was the idea that not a lot of ballet movies are made.
Or rebirth Goners as a game.
Nooooooooo. He can write a new game, but I want Goners in some medium I actually use. ;)
gossi A game for free? Great for the fans, not so great for the person who created it.
I'm just trying to imagine what Joss Whedon's take on Batman would be like...
It would be good.
Joss confirmed at the Brooklyn Q and A tonight that the ballet is different than The Serving Girl, and is meant to be a performance piece instead of a film. Only info that Joss gave on the new ballet: "It's about a library."
Thanks for the update Amaranth! It would be so cool if it were to happen.
At the Q&A at BAM today, Joss was saying how the ballet thing wasn't a joke. He intends for a full on troupe. And he hasn't really told anyone much about it. I'm not sure if he's joking, but he was saying it had something to do with a library.
I don't know much about Marvel vs DC... would anybody mind explaining what he might have meant about Batman being "a Marvel character in the DC universe"?
Simon thank you so much for the clips! They are so much more in-depth, and have a much different tone (way funnier) than the Coming Soon article! I wish the entire Q&A was available to watch.
A Ballet about a Liberry? I'm intrigued and confused and delighted, which isn't far from my usual state of mind, just heightened...


Sockpuppets? Comic? Skywriting?!

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