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May 29 2013

See Mark Ruffalo in "Now You See Me." Presumably the actor who plays Dr. Banner in the Marvelverse will not turn green in this film about stage magic and theft, but he is one of the stars. The film opens May 31 in the U.S.

I feel like this should be some sort of sequel to the Prestige - just with Morgan Freeman instead of Michael Caine, except that Michael Caine just appeared in the trailer talking to Morgan Freeman... My head hurts now.
Saw a prescreening of this last night. The cast in the film is really charismatic and fun to watch. The film is all the more fun if you're like me and you like magic and theft.

However, the ending seemed a little...contrived. Im still glad I saw it, but I wish it had ended differently.
It seems like a fun film looking forward to it getting released in the UK, always have time for Ruffalo and the rest of the cast are pretty great as well.
It seems to me that there is a fundamental flaw in the premise of this movie. Stage magic is cool in person - the fun comes from the "Wow! How did they do that?!" factor. But it's a movie. You know how they did it - special effects. "Wow! How did they - oh, CGI." "Wow! How did they - oh, cut away." ;) Notwithstanding, I hope Mark makes a bazillion dollars off it.
The questions in the film are "How do they appear to do that in front of their stage audience?", which has answers that are pretty interesting (to me). There's also the larger question of what's happening and why, which runs throughout the film. Mainly, it's smart, fun and well-acted.
AH, that makes more sense. Thanks!

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