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May 30 2013

Top ten Jane Espenson episodes. A selection of Jane's best from Buffy, Firefly, Angel and a few others.

Love Jane's work, but "Conversations with Dead People" is a bit misleading given that the episode actually had four writers- Joss, Marti, Drew, and Jane (Jane only wrote Dawn's scenes). "Superstar" and "Doublemeat Palace" are both acquired tastes, but they're memorable for sure. "Storyteller" is brilliant. Also, "Band Candy", "Earshot", and plenty of other great BUFFY episodes should have probably been on this list as well.

Surprised they left Jane's ONCE UPON A TIME episodes off this list! She has done some of her best work there. Her episodes are always wonderfully written.

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She wrote my favourite Torchwood: Miracle Day episode, too.
It's nice to see a top 10 list for Jane, she's so incredibly talented. A longer intro text might have been nice though.

My own number one pick would have been "Earshot". As libradude has already pointed out there are a lot more brilliant Buffy episodes that were written by Espenson, "Band Candy", "Pangs", "Life Serial" fore example come to mind immediately for me.

I also loved "Haunted", it's probably my favorite Dollhouse episode (and certainly my favorite stand alone episode).

I had forgotten Jane worked on Torchwood: Miracle Day, I should definitely go watch it some time.

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Doublemeat Palace... Really? I'd substitute Band Candy or Earshot for that one. This list definitely shows that Espenson is one of the best writers in television though. It also shows her versatility, as the list spans several different series. I look forward to every episode of Once Upon a Time that she writes. The only tv writers (I could name) who have probably written more great episodes are Joss, Tim Minear and maybe Ron Moore and also maybe Matt Weiner.
I also really enjoy her only ST:DS9 episode Accession, it delved beautifully into the Bajoran culture and explored Sisko and Kira's characters amazingly well.
I liked this list, but I too did a bit of a double take when I saw CWDP at number 1. Especially when the picture and the two plotlines referenced weren't from the part of the episode written by Jane Espenson. And I agree with pretty much everyone else that she has written so many awesome episodes of television that any top ten list would be incomplete.
awesome episodes that bring back special times in my life and beyond
I adore Jane Espenson, so seeing this type of recognition is wonderful. I do wish that they had provided a little more background on her history, especially as a female scifi/fantasy screenwriter.

This list is at times odd and great; I have the same concerns as mentioned.

I want to know where is OUAT's Skin Deep. It's consistently a fan favorite and launched the popular Rumbelle ship, which only Espenson should be permitted to write. No other writer on the show successfully gets this couple. And her writing really allows Robert Carlyle to use his considerable acting chops. Is she moving to Wonderland? I thought that she was but she hasn't been mentioned as part of the team during the recent pick up announcements.

Band Candy should be on the list, simply for her awesome use of the word, "stevedore."

Any chance that Horowitz, Kitsis and the Husbands crew will let her write an AoS ep, if she were asked? Hmmmm, she's busy.

I also hope that she can work with Russell T. Davies again.

We need a Jane page. ;-)
Yeah, CwDP is misleading... which part did she write, though? They spelled it out for us at one point.

And I have to say, that was a mighty fine "Shindig" she wrote.
She wrote the Dawn part of CwDP.
That's right, thanks. Not my favorite part of that ep -- but definitely the freakiest.
The lack of Band Candy and Earshot hurts pretty bad but am I the only one who has mad love for Gingerbread? The fun way they killed the monster, seeing Willow interact with her parents and, of course, Cordy's touching concern for Giles.

"I swear, one of these times, you're gonna wake up in a coma."
CwDP has easily the scariest moment of all of Buffy, with the brief moment we see Joyce lying on the sofa behind Dawn. Seriously chilling sequence. As others have said though, CwDP was a real joint effort, so it seems odd to include it here.

I like that Doublemeat gets a mention. I know that lots of people dislike it, but I found it a really enjoyable episode, which doesn't forget all the great darkness that I love S6 for. Having said that, there are definitely other episodes that are more deserving (another vote for Earshot.)
I've always thought Doublemeat Palace was underrated but Earshot, Band Candy, and Intervention get more repeat viewing by me. Wish she had written more Gilmore Girls episodes.

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LexWDaFlex - you're not the only one with an appreciation for Gingerbread. There are some great lines in that episode and some pretty important character development. Plus, it introduces the wonderful Amy the Rat running gag that culminates in the following brilliant exchange between Buffy and Amy:
So, how have you been?
Dead. You?

In Rm w/a Vu Jane also introduced Phantom Dennis -- another wonderful running gag/character. Jane said in that show's commentary when a writer creates a character they get paid each subsequent time that character is used. However, since Phantom Dennis was not played by an actual person but was just the use of trick wires he didn't count. BTW, was I the only one jealous of that apartment? It rocked.
My favourite Espenson episode is After Life, such lovely quiet moments. Also a big fan of Intervention, Doublemeat Palace, Guise Will Be Guise, Earshot, Skin Deep (OUAT), The Gamle (The OC).. and the BSG and Caprica episodes mentioned.

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