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May 30 2013

Another Much Ado About Nothing Q&A in London. Joss Whedon, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof will be at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London on 11 June.

So no reservations, do you just have to go on the day and hope to get a seat ?
I wonder if they'll be releasing it as a podcast on iTunes. I know they did when Rob James Collier and Allen Leech were doing something like this. But yeah, if I recall right, you have to hope for space.
I won't be in London for another month. Brilliant luck...
I was there last month!! And I don't even own an iPhone. UGH.

My luck sucks.

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I'm leaving London for the summer on the 10th. It's as if they *knew* it. Seconding TenTonParasol, I hope it gets released online somehow!
Wow. Apparently they host some BIG names! Neil Gaiman is on a couple of days later.

I could actually attend this, but I do wonder how early you have to turn up. The store is right in the middle of everything, and judging by how quickly the other talk sold out, I'd expect it to get absolutely mobbed. I guess I'll have to give it a try, though... Would kick myself for the rest of my life if I didn't.
Great chances I'll be there. I'll be lucky if I get to ask even one question (I'll be lucky to even get in), but I'm making a list of questions, so if any of you have questions, I would love to hear them.

I also wonder how early I should come. I booked a flight for this, and I don't have so much money... It'll be embarrassing if I get there too late.
My friend who doesn't even visit the black went and took a picture with Joss. I should've been there! *foiled by ailing health once more*

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