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May 30 2013

'Much Ado' about a set visit with Joss Whedon's family and friends. Film extra/Whedon family friend Lisa Rosen describes her on-set experience for Written By, the magazine of the Writers Guild of America, West. Alternate text-only link to the story is here.

This is a good article. It's probably the best behind-the-scenes piece I've read about the movie.
A great piece and now I want trapeze instructors, too, and a trapeze in my garden. (I don't have a garden.) Oh and I want to watch the film and see the house and listen to the actors speak the lines and act them and such!
This outstanding, just like being there! Best things I've read in all of the articles and interviews about 'Much Ado'. Thank you for posting it elievhall.
What a wonderful article. Great find.
That was lovely.
Here's the Buffy eulogy she wrote for the LA Times:

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Jillian Morgese's life must seem awfully surreal. A random stint as an extra gets parlayed into a supporting-actress role in the most anticipated indie movie of the year. A Skype audition leads her to staying in the director's house. When does that ever happen? I haven't seen any interviews with her yet, but this last year must seem like a dream for her...
Great article! What a wonderful experience. But the line about Maurissa: "it may have been the best acting all evening," made me sad.
I think/hope the Much Ado shoot was right before Maurissa's Great Health Revolution.
Hey you lovely people, I wrote the story, and just wanted to thank you all for the great comments. (And also wanted to say yes, this was before Maurissa's revolution.) It's really gratifying to know there are people reading it who care as much as I did writing it.
Great article, Lisa, & thank you for confirming that this was not a relapse.

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