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May 30 2013

Jewel Staite in The Killing Season 3. Jewel Staite will be starring in The Killing Season 3 on AMC. Link includes a clip from the new season.

It's finally official! Jewel told me this when she was signing items for CSTS Vancouver but it was still "top secret" at that time.
I should have posted this yesterday, but only found out late yesterday. Jewel guest starred on Season 4 premiere of The Listener last night. It's a Canadian show that's had it's renewal struggles, but luckily now in it's 4th season. Also appearing was the band Walk Off The Earth.

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She tweeted it to announce:

Great news - though I didn't watch S2, so I guess I need to catch up if I want to see how she does on the show.
Yay for Jewel...but I thought The Killing was axed by AMC in its first season? I admittedly haven't seen AMC in over a year, since my current living arrangements mean I share TV with others and we don't subscribe to the satellite package from our TV service provider with AMC in it due to cost, but I thought ratings were an issue. Then again, maybe I'm thinking of Rubicon or something ;P
It was uncancelled (now a word) - Netflix stepped in and offered to pay part of the budget in return for certain rights to the show. So a few months later AMC had to reverse back into the driveway and cancel a cancellation.

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It's nice to see her getting steady work, but I wish that it was on virtually anything else. I won't watch, but I wish her, personally, good luck.
Nice to hear. I personally thought The Killing was a lot better than people gave it credit for, and Enos and Kinnaman in particular are both excellent. I mean, the red herrings and glacial pace could be difficult to cope with at times, but I think there are many worse shows on tv. I understand why the show bothered people (me too, at times), but I enjoyed it and I'm interested to see what the show does with a new case.

The pilot is genuinely great, too.
manbearpig, the pacing was what made it hard for me to keep watching. I also think a lot of fans thought the case would conclude at the end of the season, but it didn't and we were left in a lurch.

I think the character development was a big glacial as well, considering that Sarah would have probably lost her child by now and why does she seem to only wear turtleneck sweaters?!

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the ninja report, the case was dragged out and the payoff was ultimately a disappointment, but I went into the show knowing that it would not be a single-season storyline since it aired a little later here in the UK. I get why that irritated people, though, because cable shows take long breaks and actually remembering what happened almost a year later can be difficult.

Sarah's a bit of a mess, and even though she neglected her child and fed him on vending machine food and junk, I still enjoyed their scenes together. That never made me dislike the character, though.

I can understand why people have a problem with the show, but for me the great moments were worth sticking around for, even though I don't have any desire to rewatch the first two seasons (bar the pilot). I also love the way it is shot. It pretty much always looks great.

Enos is really great in the role though. I'm glad her career outside of the Killing is going well because she really should be a bigger star.
BlueEyedBrigadier, "The Killing" was canceled after its *second* season, then uncanceled for the reasons gossi cited. People might want to turn in for Jewel Staite's first scene anyway (I saw the first two episodes in advance) - I can't do invisi-text, but let's just say there's something in the scene that's fun.

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