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May 30 2013

Summer talks about Texan Wind Energy. A short video on YouTube posted by Summer's official fansite (, where Summer talks about her home state's efforts to develop wind energy technology and infrastructure.

As part of what seems to be Texas' celebrations of an 175th anniversary of a major event (though the only thing I could find of importance in Texas' history matching that number is Mirabeau Lamar taking over the Texas Republic's presidency from Sam Houston), Summer (with her name and home town of San Antonio TX shown) acts as a spokeswoman for Texas's efforts to develop green energy solutions to maintain its role as part of US energy production backbone in the 21st century.

I do wonder if I'm the only one who thinks her Texas accent tried very hard to come out on the video, since Summer - like several other Texan celebrities I can think of - seems to subdue her twang most of the time unless a role calls for something a bit Southern-fried in inflection ;P

Yay for Summer! And yeah, I had no idea she was from Texas until just now... but I definitely heard it in her voice.

It's a little late for the 175th anniversary of the Republic of Texas (est. 1836), but that's probably it. I doubt it's for the anniversary of statehood, in 2020, because Texas seems less excited about that and, more compellingly, I really doubt they've budgeted seven years ahead.

Also: nice Texas-style shot at California.
Odd symmetry of Summer and Amy; both have between-medium-&-light brown hair, both studied ballet in the purest sense of the word, both were cast as regular characters who began as very seriously out of synch with others, and both are Texicans.
Uh...I think you mean "Texan," DaddyCatALSO, as in a citizen of the state of Texas.

A Texican, as I have come to understand the definition via W.E.B. Griffin's Presidential Agent novels (protagonist is half-Texican, half-German) is a person of Mexican ancestry whose family chose to side with Republic of Texas against Spanish-controlled Mexico, specifically during the Battle of the Alamo.


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Yea, but Alan Tudyk blows up the whole symmetry thing being a blonde man from El Paso/Plano who appears to have studied being funny. Actually both Alan and Amy are from my neck of the woods.
Someone's bringing sexy back to wind farming.
BlueEyedBrigadier: To be completley honest, in all my experience I've always heard Texican and Texian used simply as a term for people from Texas, regardless of ethnicity.

azzers; It was just a symmetry between two performers, not across Whedonland:-). But, good to know.
My mother's family is from Texas and I've never heard the term Texican. Ever. Only the simple and everyday used term "Texan." Or Tejano. That is also very common.

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Summer is Texadorable.

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