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May 31 2013

A Whedon alum returns to Arrested Development. Season 4 is now available to stream on Netflix.

Did people in Europe get it a different date than the US? We've had it for a week now so I've already watched all of it. I get why the spoiler tag is there but the article is weeks old.
Oops, double post. Sorry.

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Indeed, Season 4 has been streaming since May 26th, but no one has posted on Whedonesque about you-know-who being on the show yet from what I can tell. I included the spoiler tag as a courtesy for any fans who have not yet watched the season in the five days it has been online.
I think "the Whedon alum returns" is a giveaway so need for a spoiler tag.
I was pleasantly surprised by this cameo!

What did everyone else think of season 4? I really enjoyed watching it. The new format was interesting and really kept my attention. They definitely kept their same sense of humor, a number of times I found myself laughing out loud which I normally don't do.

The only thing I didn't like was the plot with Michael as a movie producer. I didn't like the that plot line for Maybe from the originally seasons either.

I'll have to watch it a few more times before I can rank it, but initially I thought it was better than season 1 but a notch below season 2,3. Still worth it though :)
Well, if we're going to talk about Arrested Development, maybe there should be a spoiler tag.

Overall, I liked it a lot. Just like in the first three seasons, the jokes were complex and often didn't pay off until episodes later. Because all 15 episodes were released at once, the writers and producers were able to weave in more complex jokes. I enjoy shows that challenge viewers and make them pay attention.

A_Leaf, a specific reply to your post about the plots. Since there's no spoiler tag, I'll keep it behind invisible text:
Not a show I've ever seen, but I did read a couple articles about its returning and don't recall any Whedony names mentioned.
Not a show I've ever seen, but I did read a couple articles about its returning and don't recall any Whedony names mentioned.

That's probably because the actor in question, , only has a minor role in one or two episodes.
I'm a little confused about why this would need to be spoiler tagged when other Whedon project alums get their own headlines with name and show in the link title whenever they get a new gig? Anyway, we are about halfway through the new episodes and I tend to see the exercise as more of a mixed bag, it has the vibe of a movie more than a t.v. show, and it is a looong movie. It has pacing issues; some episodes are more focused on filling in narrative than being joke delivery devices (which is what the original show was, ridiculous plots were never the central focus and they are allowed to overwhelm the proceedings here). That said, there are some outstanding gags and it's nice to have the gang back.
MrArg, like I said, I included the spoiler tag as a courtesy rather than a necessity. Arrested Development tried to be pretty secretive about the cameos in Season 4 prior to the release, so I wanted to respect the show's wishes. The spoiler tag has since been removed.
It's all good, always classy to err on the side of caution on the internet when it comes to spoilers, libra, I just found it curious considering some prior posts. The hilarious part for me is that we JUST watched Gob's episode two days ago and I had completely forgotten Tudyk was in AD, so my wife and I (wife still cries every time Wash dies in Serenity) both bruised our jaws as they hit the floor with both Alan and Bruce McCullough turning up to handle the blessed event.

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