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February 28 2004

Lorne/Puppet Angel music video... Song: "A Little Fall of Rain" from the Broadway CD of Les Miserables.

wow. now that is awesome. brings me back to good ole days of the muppet show....good times.


btw: that particular episode was brillant.
I loved this. Does this make me twisted?
Hilarious! That was soooo cute.

btw, whedonesque-peoples -- the 'salutes' image at the top is awesome!!
the 'salutes' image at the top is awesome!

I agree. I was going to mention that. The "to sacrifice a loved one..." bit is a nice touch.
Nice video.

What's the salutes image thing about? Am I not seeing it?
Christopher - the banner at the top of See the portion of Angel's tattoo? Usually it's just the "Whedonesque - Joss the way we like it" banner.
I wasn't seeing the 'salute' either... I kept looking and felt like I was blind.

Then I refreshed... and that cleared the cache or whatever (I'm not good with the computer speak :) and can now see it. Very nice!
Thanks jenguin! I did what Greyflowers did and refreshed about 3 times.
It helps if you press the shift key while refreshing (on a Windows machine, I've forgotten the key that does on a Mac).
On my Mac, Command-R did the trick in Safari. Command-Option-R should work in Explorer.
Also worth mentioning on this topic: kudos to the Whedonesque staff for the new mugshot on the masthead. Golden!

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