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May 31 2013

Much Ado About Nothing theater listings in the US. Looks like Roadshow Attractions has heard some of the nudging and opened a page for listing where the film will be playing, starting with its June 7 limited release.

Gah, I'd made a bookmark to this link weeks ago, and only just this morning deleted it, figuring it was never going to be updated.

Thanks for posting it here.
For Philly area folks, Landmark Theaters and a reporter from Daily News are both saying 6/21 at Ritz. Cuz, I asked. Cuz, I'm still attempting to plan a girls night for this. But if you're a guy, you can come too.

Looks like 6/21 for The Enzian in Orlando.
If anyone wants to meet up before one of the SF screening on 7:30pm screening on Friday send me an email, would be good to meet some other similarly enthusiastic Whedonesquers.

(Plus I have been in this city about two weeks and still don't really know anybody!)

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Since the Roadside listings seem to be going piecemeal, I've made Much Signal About Nothing to list all the opening dates people are finding after June 7. Let me know what you come across and I'll add them.
b!X, you are a saint; namely, the saint of non-half-assed (whole-assed?) marketing and public relations.
The Charles Theatre in Baltimore has MAAN on its Coming Soon page

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Wow, I knew it was going to be limited, but I thought it would be a little bigger than that... The fact that Atlanta is showing up on the 21st and only at Midtown Art Cinema gives me very little hope of seeing it this weekend, which I was originally so sure I would... *sigh*

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