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May 31 2013

Alan Tudyk leaving 'Suburgatory'. He and Rex Lee have not been picked up for next season.

Nooooo!!! He's why I started watching.
I am happy with this. I love Alan and i think his talent was wasted on that show. Suburgatory is a good comedy but i want to see him in a quality drama like the ones on HBO or FX. Also, S.H.I.E.L.D.
Well Alan Tudyk was the only reason I was watching Suburgatory... so maybe he can end up playing someone weird at SHIELD?!?! (I would prefer that anyway)
Looks like I'm not going to be watching Suburgatory - I loved Noah the best.
Worst character on a show with so much potential. Both Suburgatory and Alan will be better for it.
I liked Noah during season 1 but he got too ridiculous during season 2. I'm sure Alan will land on his feet just fine. Can't wait to see what he does next.
I fast-forwarded thru most of the show, and even to watch Alan speak those lines made me cringe. They lost viewers because the script went downhill.
I couldn't stand to watch that show, even for Alan. I'm simultaneously sorry he's losing his job and happy he's available for something better.
Sorry to hear that. He was my original reason for tuning in as well, although I'll most likely continue watching - I've become too attached to Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto to give up now.
Yeah, I started watching for Alan, and while I liked the first season, I only stuck with season 2 because of him. It's unlikely I'll bother with season 3 now.
I tried the show because he was on it, but even he couldn't get me to continue watching it. Sorry for him, but not sorry - he is free to do something better now, and I hope he will :)
He's the best part of that show!!!
Guess who no longer has to watch Suburgatory?


Good too because I started to dislike watching it this season.

Alan! AoS. Nuff said.

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