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May 31 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing': a DIY film project at the Cole/Whedon home. The L.A. Times profiles Much Ado About Nothing and speaks to Kai, Joss, Amy and Alexis.

Very nice article. Very nice house!
It was really great to hear from Kai; I don't think I've read an interview that spoke wih her.
Kai Cole is très cool!
Their house is gorgeous!
I really loved this article in general. HOWEVER... I just spotted a rather painful typo on the official site; Joss has his surname misspelled under Shawna Trpcic's section. " Joss Wheadon adventures."
Dr Joss may be Master of Letters, whoever wrote the site text, not so much. ;)
Not his first *movie* as director, of course, but I guess Serenity didn't count as "big-budget"? : (
It was nice to get wide shots of some of the rooms. What a gorgeous house. The movie shoots close in so often, it is hard to get a feel of the rooms as a whole. And hooray for Kai being the focus of the interview.

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