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June 01 2013

The genius of Buffy. A wonderful short post about the depth of Buffy, how mom does not get it, and how there has been a backlash.

Good piece. Still breaks down whether you get it or not.

Most do not.
Link doesn't work for me.
The link seems to be broken.
It does seem gone- this was from the NY Daily News. I have tried to re-find it, but no joy.
I like her examples from some of the less celebrated episodes.
Mods- could you amend the link? Amended- oops, I did it myself. :-)

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Absolutely spot on! Thanks for the link Dana5140, reading this article was a great pleasure.
The site seems to be ok now so I've restored the original link.
A lot of snobbery in this article, which I am not a fan of. The point of the article is to make to clear that the one piece of Low Culture that the author Happens to Like is actually High Culture in Disguise, so the writer can feel super good about only liking High Culture instead of the truth, which is that Low Culture can have storytelling value equal or greater to that of High Culture and actually the value of High and Low culture is illusory, and transitory, and often based on classism. (The theatre was considered low culture for centuries, essentially until movies came out and gave theatregoers somebody to look down on.)

Anyway, if this nice person wants to make themselves feel better, good for them, but I'll be over here enjoying The Vampire Diaries and understanding that TVD is, indeed, a true and worthy successor to BtVS and not a "disastor" of any kind.

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