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June 01 2013

Happy birthday, Jewel Staite! Our cheerful mechanic turns 31 today.

Happy birthday, Jewel! And birthday wishes to Morena Baccarin today as well! And to my brother Scott too!
Ah! It's Morena's birthday too! That's pretty awesome.

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Happy Birthday Jewel!!!
I was at Wizard Con Firefly panel yesterday and Adam Baldwin led us all in singing to her. And someone gave her balloons. And Gina Torres's ring tone is Wonder Woman theme.

I adore them all.
Happy Birthday much love, happiness and joy + laughter
Happy Birthday! Now, has everybody seen Jewel Staite in tonight's episode of "The Killing"? :)
I was surprised to see her in The Killing. Also surprised to see Danny Strong make another appearance on Mad Men on the same night.

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