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"This house will fall"
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February 29 2004

New Instructions from The next phase of the post card campaign has started.

They have raised $14,615.62! to date and they seem to be raising about a $1000 or more every day.
Wow! I really hope Angel is renewed, it would be sad if our efforts were for nothing :( Also I like the new(?) saluting Angel banner you got going there, it's very touching...
Already written out my postcards and printed up a bunch more. It's important to fight the good fight, no matter that the odds appear to be against us. It sends a message, and along with the recent campaigns for Farscape and Firefly, it reminds TPTB that not all of us are couch potatoes willing to watch any old crap they put on. If we don't make a case for innovative quality programming, then there won't be a place for it on network tv.

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