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June 01 2013

Joss Whedon: 'I kept telling my mum reading comics would pay off'. A great feature on Joss in today's Observer.

I can not tell you how tickled pleased I am that Joss' ship finally came in. We all knew it, just took awhile for the rest of the world to catch on.
The article suggests there was also some kind of signing at Forbidden Planet recently. Guess I missed that.
Wonderful interview and some nice additions from the writer of the piece in the comments.


"great quote from Joss that I didn't get to use in the interview 'For a long while it looked like the only legacy of Buffy was going to be Charmed, and I was going to have to slit my wrists'"
Aha, Forbidden Planet! So that's why he uses a hotel nearby there!
I really enjoyed this interview. And @shelled I agree with your selection of the writer's additions in the comments as one of the best. But I found Joss's comment on parenthood one of the best summations, with the child's sentiments: "'You like playing music? Oh, I like to yellÖ'"
totally agree, i believe comics/graphic novels shape who we are and what we can aim for, even question things i never tire of them :-)
Beautiful interview! Sunday morning Arts section needs thoroughly met.
Daw... loved Nathan's quote:

I imagine a switch in his head in the 'brilliant' position with the handle broken off. Fortunately, the 'awesome' switch next to it is in the same condition.

I like her bit about flan.
Great piece!

BTW: I'm looking for the first Buffy movie script (the one Joss Whedon originally wrote). Does anyone know where I can find it?

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Wow, kudos to the interviewer/writer. That is one excellent article; a lot of info. I already knew but that it is in one place, superb:

Whedon makes a pilgrimage to Forbidden Planet whenever he comes to London

That was a major stop for me to visit my first trip to London and will be again in September. So glad he enjoys poking around there (it is a smallish, though unique place).

So meeting him is the ultimate geekout. He has a russet beard, a dress-down look, and kind-dad eyes, and is every bit as genial and funny as his on-screen creations.

Human beings are imperfect by their very nature, but every time I've encountered Joss in person (not meeting, just inches away) as he walks around Comic-Con or being shepherded to an appearance, I get the kindness and fun of his spirit just vibing off him. That he has been able to maintain a strong sense of self without getting totally egotistical is wonderful. I always think pretty much along the lines at those times, "Damn. Where do I meet a man like that?" In the sense I pretty much know from observing, he's a great partner and fully committed to his work. That's an unbeatable combo.
All I can think reading this is if your family and friends have issues with the kind of TV you like, you really should find better family and friends. They are all replaceable.
IrrationaliTV, understand your gists, but you may want to state that differently. We have adults here, don't you know?

Yeah, so irritating those people.
Madhatter, as usual you live up to your name and I haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about. Nothing new there.
I'm w/Madhatter on this one.
Loved this quote she couldn't fit in, too:
"I never put my hand to a keyboard until I was in my mid 20s and Iím terribly lazy. So I really canít play which makes composing terribly hard because I have to think it through, itís like math. I learned some guitar to do the Buffy musical. Thatís my one side bet right now, getting back to music. Writing the score to Much Ado was the beginning of going 'ok, I can try and to create a sound instead of a pastiche.'
I would love to stage a ballet. I wrote about 10 minutes of music for a short ballet film. I dream about that a lot. Everything I do as a storyteller is very didactic, hereís what it means, hereís what you feel, and music is the only abstraction I really understand. Iím not a great cinematographer. Iíve got a decent eye but itís always in the service of narrative. With music I can create a narrative that I donít understand, and thatís pure, something different.'

He keeps mentioning this ballet! And the discussion on what working with music does for him is very interesting. I'd love to see the full interview.

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