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February 29 2004

What makes a great DVD? (trailer). No less than six Buffyverse Region 2 DVDs are released tomorrow, so here's a somewhat retro Buffy and Angel trailer to celebrate (Quicktime required).

And those DVDs are:

Angel season 4 (trailer)

The Best of Buffy (trailer)

The Slayer Collection: Best Spike, Faith, Angel and Willow episodes (read somewhere that they were chosen by Joss himself anyone else know anything about this?)

I would add number six: doesn't strip off the previouslies!
It seems somehow fitting that the only spoken words in the Best-of-Buffy trailer are, "You are the one thing in this dimension I will miss."
Very nice ads. The region 2 ad was cute. The Angel ad made the season look way better than it was. And The Best of Buffy was a little short and boring. I agree with you bovik! I miss Buffy!
Does anyone know if this series of dvds will make it to the U.S.? I can't wait for the Faith box set:)
I really doubt it. The OMWF DVD didn't make to the States so I doubt the Slayer Collection would either.
Well, I got a couple region 2 capable players, so I guess I'll have to make another Amazon UK purchase.

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