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June 03 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets nominated for "Most Exciting New Series" in the Critics' Choice TV Awards. The show faces off against The Bridge, Masters of Sex, The Michael J. Fox Show, Ray Donovan and Under The Dome.

Looks like a couple Whedonverse actors (Seth Green and Sarah Paulson) will be presenting too. And more importantly, Tatiana Maslany will be there hopefully to accept all the awards. :)
Huh, do the critics actually get to see screeners of these all first, or is it simply the ones they're the most excited about based on everything but?
Screeners of most pilots are now available to many people but I hear AoS is not one of them. So far. Pretty sure this is exactly what it says, Most Exciting. Not best, just the shows the critics are most excited about seeing.
It's exciting as in clear hyperactive anticipation, not as in "the final product is known to be exciting because we've all seen it". So, Most Anticipated Series, really, which is weird since the article says the category is "judged from pilots and early episodes for shows premiering in the summer and fall", so maybe they mixed and matched seen and unseen, I guess?

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I think all those shows except AoS are very readily available to critics. Under the Dome premieres in 3 weeks, Ray Donovan in 4 weeks and The Bridge's premiere is a week after that on 7/10. The other 2 are fall shows but the critics have probably already watched them.
Tatiana Maslany will be there hopefully to accept all the awards.

Yes, this.

Watch Orphan Black, everybody!
Yes to Orphan Black! Tatiana Maslany rocks. Best new actress since Amy Acker.
Yes to Orphan Black! I hope she gets at least a nod for the Emmys, if not a win. Hope to one day welcome her to the Whedonverse.

SHIELD pilot is available for buyers now and it is watermarked as "not for review". I think critics might have recieved the copy but blocked to review the show.
Of course, under rug swept, I'd forgotten about foreign buyers. Of course they've seen it. Thanks. Still trying to get my greedy hands on a copy. :)

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