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"Timmy's down the bloody well!"
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June 03 2013

Nathan Fillion comments on the umpteenth "will we see more Firefly?" question. He does give a very diplomatic answer.

Hmm... that's a mightily misleading headline if you ask me.
Short answer: no.
For a second there, I thought Nathan was headed to the Shatner SNL "get a life" place. I think it's possible he may be tired of answering this one.
Doesn't seem to me that he said anything different from the usual "would be nice but don't hold your breath". The reporter made it sound rather apocalyptic.
No doubt he is tired of the question, but with this in particular, he's probably tired cuz he's at a junket.
was it me or was he growly and weepy?
I'd be tired of this question too. It's a question that, at this moment, has no other answer. Asking the question again and again won't suddenly change it.
Ditto. And I find it horribly rude to ask when they're there for something very specific. I'm tired of he question already and I've only seen really aware of it since December. I can only imagine how the cast and crew feel.
The love for Firefly and Serenity is a double-edged sword for the cast and crew, I imagine. There's the downside of getting pestered about something that wouldn't be in the cards anyway until after 2015 due to Joss' commitments to Marvel and their Phase 2 films, culminating with The Avengers 2: any desire to set sail on the good ship Serenity is blocked by other commitments the cast and crew have going on. Plus, I'm sure Nathan occasionally feels that he could stand to hear a bit more fuss and bother about Castle or Much Ado or Monsters University when people are all over him about the 'Verse. Same for Joss, Gina, Morena, Adam, Sean, Summer, Ron, Alan, Jewel, Jane, Tim and more than few others when it comes to their projects and/or work.

On the other hand, how many people would say "Nay!" to being part of cultural zeitgeist? Some people, if they feel their creative nature needs something a bit different to feed from, sure. I understand the feeling but I know I would wanna bathe in the good to counteract the bad. Then again, the bad starts to get louder as people - unintentionally or intentionally - start expressing a nominally selfish desire to be entertained or have their favourite thing given to them all the time and in the format they want.

Personally, I want Firefly back so bad it hurts, but I also want more of Joss and the cast & crews output that have come along since. More Castle (which is happening, I know), more Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Knights of Badassdom, more Suits and Hannibal, to have The Last Ship airing now...more, more, more of so much more variety. And I'm sure that it's a struggle for those like me in feeling who have positions with access to Joss and Nathan and everyone else to not get carried away in focusing on the former part of the feeling and ignoring the latter.
Well I certainly look at this interview as more optimistic than you guys do (and WAY more optimistic than whoever wrote the titled of the piece). What I heard Nathan say is that it looks impossible, but Joss has done the impossible before, and Nathan would never bet against him.

So I'll hold hope in my heart for another ten years, no problem.

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