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June 04 2013

Tragic deaths in geekdom. The author, Louis Peitzman, sent this tweet to Amber Benson: "I included Tara's death in my most tragic deaths in geekdom post because I love you and I'm still sad."

I 2nd that. Need to adjust my meds 'cause just thinking about this is hard...
Most of these are unfamiliar to me - and really, while I don't know if Mr. Peitzman himself suffers from they-always-confuse-me-with-the-character-I-play-itis, the wording of the Tweet skirts on it. But I can definitely echo both the sentiments re Tara and the Amber "fanluv." To be honest, if I weren't a fic writer (Tara was brought back in my 2 main 'verses and didn't die in the other 2) who gets more "fictioanl relaity" out of my fics than out of canon++ anymore, I'd be in very sad shape, too, roddikin.

++ officially, my most important 'verse split off from canon just before "Harmonic Divergence." *grin

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