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February 29 2004

Want to voice your opinions about Angel being cancelled to the WB? This is the WB's site and they have a feedback section so I thought some of you may wish to contribute. (The feedback section is right at the bottom of the page)

I think a good point to make is that people are growing tired of reality shows; maybe they'll realize that while they are cheaper to produce, the genre is wearing out it's popularity.
Unfortunately Cabus, according to the ratings the genre is holding onto it's popularity quite well.
I made sure to mention I wasn't going to be checking out Lost In Space or Dark Shadows next season as I had planned to.
Poor Doug Petrie. It's not his fault Angel's been cancelled.
Currently, the response page brings up an "Unavailable" page when you try to post. Will see later if this is still true. I want to mention the fact that if Angel is completely cancelled, they will lose fans that they might be able to use to build an audience for Dark Shadows, which would be more profitable for them in the long run.
Its not unavailable. I think the WB is stupid, they don't understand the consequences of cancelling Angel! No one will support new programmes they make anymore!

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