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June 05 2013

Q&A Screening of "Much Ado" at Arclight Hollywood 6/7 at 8:30pm. This is an additional Q&A and screening to the 7.45pm screening and Q&A. Landmark Theatres screening/Q&A at 5:00pm in West LA not affected (and still has available seats).

Lots of tickets still available as of 4AM PST 6/5.

From the Arclight Hollywood website: "Join Joss Whedon and Cast Friday, June 7th at 8:30 PM for a special Q&A in The Dome.

"Acclaimed director Joss Whedon and Cast will be joining us at Hollywood in The Dome for a Q&A following the Friday, June 7th 8:30 PM screening of Much Ado About Nothing. Whether you're a fan of Shakespeare, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers, or just cinema in general, this is an opportunity you can't miss."

Link to ticket purchase page:
(Register for free for an Arclight membership and get $1.00 off each ticket purchased)

I'm assuming that the 7.45pm ticket is valid for the new 8.30 screening?
Uh oh... It looks like the 7:45 screening was never the one with the Q&A? The 7:45 screening is still packed (though no longer booked), while the 8:30 looks like it's only just started booking. I'm gonna call when they open.
Yeah, this is a bummer. I now have tickets for both screenings, hoping that they will refund my 7:45 purchase.
This is frustrating, as someone with a 7:45 ticket.
Sumogrip. Arclight has a return policy so you can return the tickets for 745 if you get the 830.
No one is answering there yet, but the first movie today is in less than an hours, so someone should be available by then.

They do refunds and exchanges up to an hour before showtime. My feeling right now is that no one was moved over (suggesting the previous announcement was wrong). But anyone reading this thread can grab a new ticket right now and get a refund on the first ticket by 6:45pm Friday.

ETA: I may actually just go to that first screening of the day, as it's for a movie a buddy of mine worked on and is very proud of. That way I can talk to someone in person, which I find almost always leads to better results (must be my winning smile)

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Checking into this now. More soon. But don't panic if you have earlier tickets.
It's an additional Q&A.

I've edited the entry to avoid any further confusion.
Thanks Gossi and Simon. I just updated The theater, who has no one on staff that has been updated.
Fear not, there be a Q&A at both screenings is the plan.
Joss Whedon and his Shakespeare troupe are going to be a little winded/giddy by that third Q&A :)
Yes, sorry for the confusion, Arclight was confused, too. Last night their website only showed the one Q&A, now they show both and staff says the Q&A will be short. They do easily refund tickets if you want to give a ticket back; call 323-464-1478 then choose 6 to talk to a real person and request a refund if you need one.
AND... there are now TWO Q&As at the Landmark Theatre in West L.A., a half hour apart (5 & 5:30). So there are now FOUR lights, er, screenings and 4 Q&As on Friday, each about a half hour long. VERY winded/giddy indeed!
Landmark website:
AND now there's an Intro to the 9:30pm screening at the Arclight, so that's 5 screenings Joss will be at!

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